PMP#54 They’re all wrong

May 1, 2015


* Why the fitness industry is WRONG..and how I can prove it

* Why people are choosing weight watches and juice plus INSEAD OF YOU (and what to do about it)

* “Weekly newsletter” yay or nay? (my answer might surprise you)

* High paying clients vs One night stands  and what it means to your fitness bizniz

* Simple steps to go from ‘hustle income’ to ‘predictable income’

* How to go on holiday (yes, a vacation) and STILL GET NEW CLIENTS

* Personal anecdotes vs ACTUAL EVIDENCE in the marketing arena

* Shocking statistics on why people use their mobile phones and ipads – this will blow your mind

* What 78 million people tell us about Email vs Facebook

* WHY Email hands Facebook and Twitter their ASSES when it comes to making sales in your business

* How to look desperate (and why you should avoid it like herpes)

* Your ACTUAL ‘Hourly rate’ and why it ISNT what you think it is

* My uncensored and surprising opinion on Facebook groups and why I don’t have one

* Why people LAUGH AT ME when I tell them what I do

* How to GET and KEEP peoples attention so that you can seduce them

* Profiting from what your competitors ARENT doing..

* How to be the FIRST person people think of when they want to get in shape

* Marketing Lessons from your Facebook newsfeed

* The #1 FASTEST way to position yourself as a LEADER

* Can you really make a shit ton of sales in just 20 minutes a day? (16:30)

* How to ‘Weed out’ people you DON’T want to work with (and why you should)

* Do people that ‘like’ your stuff actually buy from you?

* How to be more ‘VISIBLE’ to your potential clients

* The truth about how long it takes to make money from emails….

and how to speed up the process, to make more sales, faster

and TONS of other content that will make your balls tingle


Key Takeaways
01.05 – The power of email.
02.44 – Email vs. Facebook – what works best?
04.41 – Five things that are losing you clients and money.
06.54 – What do you use your smartphone for? Is it the same as when you use your tablet?
10.00 – Weigh up how much time you spend on emails, trying to make money, with the time you spend on Facebook.
11.09 – Why should you believe what I’m saying about emails?
15.25 – Don’t just say something once. Say it again and again and the message will stick.
18.26 – Business or hobby? Track your results and find out.
19.47 – How to speed up your success.
24.49 – This works for ANY business. Stop making excuses.


Mentioned in this episode
‘Changing the Game’ [Event]


“The majority of people are wrong.”
“The world is fatter and sicker than it ever has been.”
“Email destroys Facebook when it comes to making sales.”
“A ‘like’ isn’t a sign that something’s working.”
“Weed out the people you don’t want to work with – only stick to the best”

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