PMP#49 Spreading “Freemium” on your sammich

March 27, 2015


* Free stuff… Should you? Shouldn’t you?

* Why changing your mind about something is cool and why you should be worried if you never do

* The Real, Raw Truth about “Ebooks” and “Free Reports”

* How to CRUSH procrastination and start building an email list NOW (even if you have nothing ready)

* The ONE TIME you SHOULDN’T spend money on Facebook Advertising

* The surprising reasons people USE google and Facebook and what that means to your bank account

* Clear and straight forward advice on who you should do business with

* How to get peoples email addresses, quickly and easily so that you can start profiting quickly

* 2 things you can ‘give away’ on order to grow your email address

* Why so Many PT’s MISS THE POINT when it comes to  getting leads

* Why I don’t do strategy calls and why you don’t have to either

* How to structure your emails to gain trust AND get paid

* How to use the “What-How” method to get clients almost EVERY DAY (with proof that it works)

* What my first ever car (littered with condoms) taught me about marketing and trust building

* Why you could give away your WHOLE program FOR FREE and STILL make money

* What it is you’re REALLY selling and why so many PT’s get it WRONG

* My £600 Nike Air Max trainers and how they can help you get more leads

* 2 not-so-secret reasons your squeeze page ISNT working and what to do about it

* What I told a guy that ‘called me out’ on one of my Facebook Adverts

* Stupid shit PT’s say and what you can learn from it

* The ONE, CRITICAL thing you need to worry about when it comes  to capturing leads

* Why I have such a boner for the “One Page Report”

* How to create your very first BOOK… using nothing  but stuff you’ve already written

* and a load more other cool shit

then will either arouse you

or offend you

or even better- BOTH


Key Takeaways
02.23 – Is it worth giving things away for free? If so, when?
05.32 – Spend your time and energy on the people that really matter; the ones you want to work with.
07.28 – Give away enough to get people interested, but they need to buy to get the whole package.
09.59 – Marketing is communication. If it’s not working, maybe there’s a communication issue.
11.22 – Initially, no-one will give you anything unless they get something in return.
14.47 – The aim of giving something away isn’t to get it read. It’s to get the email address and in turn, create leads.
16.33 – Does risk-free exist?
20.44 – No matter how long you work at something, there’s still more to learn.
23.09 – If someone can find the information elsewhere, you’re not giving them anything.
28.05 – Focus on how you can make yourself the best and quit worrying about everybody else.


Mentioned in this episode
‘Live Life Aggressively’ by Mike Mahler
‘The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Getting Your Shit Together’ by John Carlton
Internet Fitpro


People don’t go to Facebook to buy things; they go to Google to buy things.
We buy things to solve problems and alter the way we feel.
It’s easy – the more money you spend, the more value something has.
Use buzz-words that draw people into your product and what you can offer.

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