PMP#48 EXACTLY what I’d do, step-by-step, play-by-play… if I had to ‘start again’

March 20, 2015


* What to do when you have two products or services to sell and how to PROFIT the most

* The REAL, HARDCORE difference between “Goorooz” and “Marketers”

* My PERSONAL blueprint for ‘what to sell’ and ‘when to sell it’ for fun and bacon

* The honest (and some-what arrogant) truth about why I don’t sell other peoples products anymore

* Why online products such as ebooks are DYING and what to do instead

* 1 Sneaky way to continue getting new clients… even when you’re sick

* The RAW truth about’Hustling’ and how you’ll make ZERO bacon if you ever want time off

* 7+ ‘Magic Words’ you MUST say if you want to get more referrals from your highest paying clients

* Surprising (and profitable) power of ‘recycled’ emails

* EXACTLY what I’d do,step-by-step, play-by-play… if I had to ‘start again’

* The beginners guide to getting more clients.. even if you think you know what to do

* The real reason you shouldn’t work with douchebags, know-it-alls, whiners or assholes

* Why “Please like and share” makes you look desperate.. despite what the so called “Experts” say

* The Disturbing (but cool.. for some) facts about what Facebook PRIORITIZE when it comes to marketing

* My PROVEN (and critical) guide to starting, growing and profiting from an email list

* How to establish yourself as a LEADER in your market VERY quickly

* Sneaky, dirty tricks that the goorooz are using to grab your hard earned cash (You’ll
want to read this one)

* Not-so-subtle difference’s between selling 1-1 PT, Bootcamps, Online Products and supplements

* and a bunch more stuff that’ll swell your brain

and you wallet


Key Takeaways
01.36 – Paul talks about his experience of dealing with bipolar disorder.
03.48 – Marketing vs. hustling. Learn the difference and you’ll be more successful.
05.47 – What would you do if you had to start again?
09.21 – Once you’ve got a target audience, figure out where they hang out and start hanging out there.
13.39 – Make the most of your new client’s enthusiasm to get a few great referrals.
14.24 – This type of marketing success is limitless – it just doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, it’s all about how you make it work for you.
15.26 – Why do so many gurus have no experience or expertise?
19.00 – This week’s question: How do you deal with marketing separate and unrelated products/services?

Make figuring out your target audience a priority.
Emails are great trust-builders, but a phone call solidifies the trust.
When you figure out marketing, you can sell anything.


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