PMP#47 The Un-Circumsized TRUTH About Fitness Marketing

March 7, 2015


* Why you business is NOT different (and I can prove it)

* The un-circumsized TRUTH about marketing and selling and how the industry DOESN’T matter

* How the MAJORITY are always wrong (and how you can profit from it)

* Money-making lessons from a WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY

* How to grow a big set of balls with your marketing and seduction efforts

* The ‘light-bulb’ moment that QUADRUPLED one guys income

* ‘Hacks’ for dealing with Price-shoppers and cheapskates looking for a discount

* The basics you MUST stay grounded in if you want to become a MASTER marketer (you do)

* How to fix your ‘INCONSISTENT’ income issues in one, dirty swoop and create PREDICTABLE (and replicable) monthly profits

* The Tao of ‘The Hustle’ and why it’ll NEVER end, well… until you burn out

* The key to ENDING stress, anxiety and overwhelm (and the 14 hours days that go with it)

* Just what is a ‘sales funnel’? and what does it look like? and more importantly.. how can you PROFIT from it?

* How to create a consistent flow of people who say “Yes, I’m interested in your stuff”

* How to put your prices up (the answer might surprise you)

* Where the fortune REALLY is, in your marketing and in your bidniz

* How to take names and KICK ass at wedding fairs, health fairs and the like…(real life example)

* More about “Grammar Nazis” and Unsubrcribes and how you can MAKE MONEY from whining assholes

* “Repulsion Marketing” and how I make sales using it EVERY MONTH

* What Cage Fighting and Your Marketing have in common

* My personal book recommendations to get better at writing and selling via the written word

* Why I’m not panicking whatsoever about the recent Facebook ad CLAMPDOWN

* The art and science of having your testicles bitten (true story)

* Why the basics will always Bring the bacon home and you’ll NEVER go hungry

* and lots lots more that will inspire and entertain you


Key Takeaways
02.01 – Paul Mort introduces Chris, who’s joining him on the show today.
03.25 – MMIC and this type of platform can work with your business and skillset if you’re willing to put in the work.
05.44 – Don’t expect immediate results. It takes time to build something like this up.
09.53 – Consistency: The ultimate challenge.
14.00 – Sales funnels drive interest and potential clients right to your door.
16.59 – How do you deal with clients when you don’t have enough time for them?
20.05 – Chris shares his experience about how his professional photography career has benefited from MMIC teachings.
24.36 – How can you ever progress if you don’t have a solid grounding in the basics?
28.06 – You can’t really learn charisma, but you can work out how to use the confidence you have got to your advantage.
29.56 – People know what they want. Give them that and you’ve done your job.
32.03 – Storytelling is one of the most effective ways of getting people to listen to you and take in what you’re saying.
34.11 – Get your writing to echo actual speech and your readers will take more note of what you say.


Get the information, figure it out and apply it to your particular niche.
Don’t forget: a smart income is one that’s reliable and predictable.
The fortune is always in the follow-up – don’t just hope they’ll come back to you.
Persuasion is one of the most useful arts you can ever learn.


Mentioned in this episode
Brilliance by Marcus Sakey
Time Warrior by Steve Chandler
Byron Katie’s bibliography

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