PMP#46 Why People Buy

February 27, 2015
* The “Emotional Hot Buttons” you need to press to get people to sign up with you and give you money
* What ‘state’ people are in that need your help and why YOU need to HIGHLIGHT it
* How to get people to wake up and realise they REALLY NEED you
* Why you need to strategically ‘piss people off’
* What to do to empathise with people, even if you haven’t been fat
* How to ‘fan the flames’ of DESIRE… and compel people to give you money
* The power of ‘getting into bed’ with your clients (and my wife… really)
* How to use FEAR to motivate your prospects into TAKING decisive action
* Which POWER WORDS you need to add to your emails, adverts and website that KICK-ASS and make bacon
* What somebody said to me that almost FORCED me to lose weight and how you can use it too..
* ANGER and what it means to your income
* What to do to get the BIGGEST return when people ‘enquire’ about what you do
* How to deal with ‘unsubscribes’ and end up PROFITING from it
* Why you should INVITE people to opt out of your emails
* Why ‘Being Professional’ lead to me having a  meltdown and HATING my life…
* My “A-HA” moment that transformed me from having  a decent business to a HUGE business
* “Shit-at-the-wall” Marketing Vs “Simple Funnel”
* Bad-ass Marketing lessons from My Fitness Pal
* What to do if people can’t attend all your training sessions (I changed my mind on this)
Key Takeaways
02.40 – Everyone reaches a point where they know they should ask for help.
06.15 – It’s never going to work if you don’t try and understand where your clients are coming from.
08.15 – Use emotions and trigger words in your marketing to illicit an immediate response.
14.18 – Don’t neglect yourself. Make sure you keep following your own advice.
17.51 – If you want to appear exclusive, you’ve got to figure out how to say no.
24.48 – Don’t promise something you can’t deliver.
31.35 – When you’re not sure yourself, find someone who’ll tell you the truth – no bullshit from here on in.
33.09 – Paul talks about the latest changes Facebook are making to advertising, selling and marketing.
36.26 – What’s the best way to handle when people unsubscribe?
39.30 – Wearing a mask is exhausting. Surround yourself with people you want to be around.
41.12 – Sort out your priorities and then you’ll see what’s important and what has to change.
47.15 – If you value your business, draw people in and let them answer their own questions.
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