PMP#45 50 Shades of Mort

February 13, 2015
* What happened when I read 2 pages of 50 shades of gray
* My opinion on 1-1 coaching and what I’d do instead to maximize profits AND still get killer results
* Why having a ‘sunshine blowing’ mentor is STALLING growth as a bad-ass bizniz owner
* The 6 steps of “Strategic Seduction” that will EXPLODE your sales and profits
* Why to TURN DOWN money from people that ALREADY have a coach (this will surprise you)
* How a guy that sells CONCRETE and a TATTOO artist are making BIG BUCKS and How
* The concept of the “King Eats First” and why its important if you want to avoid BURN OUT
* How to build your bizniz around YOUR LIFE rather then be DICTATED to by your clients
* My CONTROVERSIAL opinion on where your clients actually fit into your life (its not what you think)
* Who REALLY pays you.. and its NOT your clients
* Why people CANNOT achieve there goals and NEVER will (and my PERSONAL plan on how to fix that)
* Why I spent last weekend in a wheelchair having my inner thigh massaged
* 3 KILLER tips for mastering your MIND-SET so that you can become UNSTOPPABLE
* How to improve your emails and SALES CALLS so you can make more money (Kinda weird)
* How to learn stuff MUCH faster AND at a much deeper level
*The ONLY 3 ways to get leads and which one leads to THE MOST PROFIT
* “I have a dick would you like to suck it” VS “What’s your name?” and which one leads to massive profits
* Where the fortune REALLY is in your marketing process
* The ‘scheduling’ tool that will change the way you schedule appointments, save you a ton of time and make you a bunch of money
* and a whoooole bunch more
Key Takeaways
01.48 – Make the changes you need to now, because when it really matters, you need to have it sorted.
04.36 – Assess what you’re doing and see if it’s really right for you.
07.28 – Success isn’t about you; it’s about what you can become.
10.07 – What you’re selling and doing isn’t unique or different, and nor are the people who are buying it.
15.09 – Having your business is about setting your own rules. When that status quo shifts, the business is gone.
19.25 – What makes us so different as people, and what makes us do things so differently?
25.38 – Don’t put yourself through hell to reach a goal that might not even make you happy.
34.47 – When you’re part of a family, it can’t just be about you; everything has to balance and fit.
42.15 – When was the last time you actually read something and learned from it? Start now.
44.50 – The first point of contact rarely works; get a lead, follow it up and seal the deal.
49.25 – First decide when you’re available, then let your clients fit around you.

Don’t use coaching for your own validation; use it to further your achievements.
Time is infinitely more important than money – you can’t truly buy time.
Meditation is about learning how to press pause and take stock of a situation.

Mentioned in this episode
MMIC – Group coaching for entrepreneurs and marketing professionals – Meditations, self-healing and consciousness.

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