PMP#44 I Was a One-Dimensional-Douchebag…

February 6, 2015


*  The critical “Buy my shit” Errors that are KILLING your bank account

* How to avoid becoming a one-dimensional-Douchbag

* What I learned from an asshole talking shit about me on Flakebook

* How to not look like a dickhead and why its important for your ‘mindset’

* How meditation helps you DOMINATE your working day

* Being prepared for “shit hitting the fan” and why opinions mean JACK SHIT when it does

* Why my wife hasn’t left me yet and what it has to do with your marketing

* The RAW truth about working 14 hours a day (you’ll HATE this)

* “Insider Secrets” to growing an email list by putting lingerie on words (yup, really)

* Why I WOULDN’T have a pop up on my website

* What me getting fat means to your sales and marketing

* The ONLY occasion when YOUR opinion means NOTHING

* The #1 question to ask when you’re “arguing” about business and marketing

* How to turn a 12 page newsletter into a £27k a MONTH business with WORDS

* They CRUCIAL components you MUST HAVE in place if you want people to “opt-in” for your daily emails

* How to have people FOAMING AT THE MOUTH to buy from you…

* Powerful Marketing lessons from Weight Watchers and Thomas Cook

* How to KILL procrastination and get more done, in one simple (but effective) step

* My PERSONAL buleprint for achieving more in one week, that people do in one MONTH

* A simple, PROVEN tip for getting rid  of fear.. SUPER FAST

* Why “eating the frog” ISNT working  and what to do about it

* How I use SUNDAY to smash the shit out of the whole week

and loads, loads more


Key Takeaways:

[00:01:49] Football vs. Leather Egg Throwing

[00:03:21] Pop Quiz: Old School Tracks

[00:05:30] Paul answers questions about marketing and lifestyle.

[00:13:55] Chris and Paul discuss Valentine’s Day.

[00:16:30] Paul talks about offense and defense.

[00:19:31] Removing your opinion from the situation.

[00:21:48] Paul and Chris answer a question regarding pop-up forms and marketing.

[00:26:30] Paul tells you how to dress up your email broadcast.

[00:29:57] Motivating you to a better self.

[00:32:46] Paul discusses productivity and procrastination.


“Success in life isn’t about the marketing. The marketing funds the money, the money funds the lifestyle.”
“Make sure you make more deposits than withdrawals.”
“Often curiosity is more powerful than desire.”
“People are absolutely more motivated by moving away from pain than towards pleasure.”
“Procrastination is another word for fear.”


Mentioned in this Episode:

[00:39:33] Paul’s Sunday night ritual to stay productive.

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