PMP#34 Alexia Leachman talks ‘HEADTRASH’ and dealing with limiting beliefs

February 26, 2014



Alexia is the host of the chart topping Head Trash Show podcast that is listened to in over 100 countries and the founder of Head Trash.

Head Trash is a company that helps people to clear their minds of negative thoughts, feelings and emotions through its events, products, online courses and one-to-one sessions.

At the heart of the business is a powerful new mind change technique that promises to be the preferred tool of choice for business executives to manage their mindset.

As the most advanced practitioner and trainer of Reflective Repatterning worldwide after its founder, Alexia is committed to bringing it to a wider audience so that more people can benefit from enjoying the head space that comes with its use.

Alexia is also a personal brand, reputation and leadership coach who works with business leaders, TV personalities, creatives and entrepreneurs.

She has co-authored a book Hit Me! How to get your small business to punch its weight online writing about Online Reputation and is a regular contributor to Fresh Business Thinking on personal branding, reputation and head trash. As a member of the Professional Speaking Association, Alexia speaks regularly to business audiences.
Before becoming a business coach, Alexia worked in sales and marketing across a wide range of consumer product sectors and was fortunate to work with some big brands including Tesco, Boots, St Tropez, Brit Awards, London Fashion Weekend and Roxy. Her corporate experience at a senior level, including her involvement in a management buy-out, enables her to bring a deep understanding of business to her work.
Alexia and her business are regularly featured in the press, TV, radio and online.

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