PMP #52 Fat Moaners Vs Broke PT’s

April 17, 2015


* My Un-circumcised opinion on “Beast Mode” (stop me when it hurts)

* What Fat Moaners and Broke PT’s have in common

* A unique insight into the mind of a former fat boy that you can use to make money

* Why fat people WANT to stay fat and broke people WANT to stay broke

* “I’m gonna start on Monday” and how you can profit from it

* The BRUTAL truth about why you’ll NEVER solve your money problems if you keep doing this ONE thing

* What you can learn from studying “Mentor-Whores” and their lack of success

* Is your frustration down to information or implementation.. and how to fix either

* Why your reaction to REALITY and ANGER will determine your levels of success

* My Shocking opionion on why ‘mush cookie goorooz’ are still in business DESPITE their total lack of results

* Why saying ‘NO’ to people makes you almost irresistable

* The ONE thing you need to do to avoid FAILING at achieving your goals (you probably haven’t heard this)

* Why I try so hard to PUT YOU OFF buying from me… yet still make money in spades

* How you’re currently JUSTIFYING your lack of success to anyone that will listen (and how to fix it)

* Valuable lessons from weight loss that will swell you bank account if you implement

* How to KILL and MURDER your ‘inner excuse maker’

* Why simplicity = PROFITS and complexity= Stories

* (21 mins) What you need to MASTER in order to make sales almost every day

* The CRITICAL numbers to track to increase your BOTTOM LINE INCOME

* Dieting for fun and profit? (you gotta listen to get it)

* The stories you’re telling yourself that are CRIPPLING your success

* The ONLY 4 things you need tackle if you want to build a big-ass bizzninzz

* My own, personal step-by-step blueprint to making £30k a MONTH clear profit, EVERY month

* The fastest way to get started with making email marketing sales

* How a podcast listener made €2000 in just 24 hours listening to my podcast

* and a ton more foul-mouthed gold dust that will either

Piss you off


Fuel your fire

Depending on the size of your scrotum

Key Takeaways
[03.20] Working with other people’s suggestions is great, but don’t forget to play your game your way.
[04.25] This month’s MMIC content: What fat moaners have in common with broke personal trainers.
[07.24] People know what to do to make a change. They just don’t want to put the work in.
[08.50] What’s your story?
[11.42] Look for a guide, not someone to hold your hand and blow sunshine up your arse.
[13.44] Realize you’re in a bad cycle – then work to get out of it!
[17.30] Why complicate something simple?
[20.11] In anything you do, master the basics first, then move on and grow.
[25.47] Paid advertising – learn what works for you.
[30.11] Tracking teaches you about control and moderation.
[31.24] Question: Don’t read about it. Just do it.
[33.19] Have fun, get paid. Believe me, it’s possible.

What are you making: excuses or action plans?
Do fat people want to be fat? Do broke people want to be broke?
Figure out where you are, where you want to go and why you want to go there.
If you can’t be bothered to put in the work, you deserve to stay exactly where you are.
Productivity is tackling the thing that’s in front of you right now.

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