PMP #51 The C Word

April 10, 2015


* What I learned from spending 14 HOURS STUCK in Amsterdam Airport

* The C Word (just warning you, i had a bad week)

* Why I was travelling all the way to Bordeaux, France just for a tattoo

* Secrets of getting paid £3,000 A DAY for your work (in a competitive field)

* My SECRET weapon for dealing with stress, anger and disappointment when everyone else is LOSING their shit

* How to go from REACTIVE to RELAXED.. in just a few months (and profit from it)

* A simple, KILLER method to coming up with content for emails

* The HARSH TRUTH about your income and who its down to

* How you KNOW that what you’re doing is working and why your opinion means JACK

* The “Rationalisation Factor” and why its RUINING your results

* My honest (and correct) opinion on how to MASTER any skill… including making MONEY

* How to take a NEGATIVE EVENT and turn it into SALES (by MOCKING people)

* Is “overwhelm” bullshit? Either way.. here’s how I deal with it

* Easy-to-apply technique to “RE-TRAIN” your brain (Even I can do this)

* Emailing every day vs emailing weekly

* How I made 300 quid RECURRING from an email about Spongebob Squarepants

* Why you can’t attract the clients you want… and what to do about it

* Using the ‘bad stuff’ that happens to you CONNECT with your prospects (and get paid)

* Why VICTIMS will NEVER produce results

* Valuable bizniz lessons from Juice + and Herbal Life

* Going from VICTIM to PRODUCER of RESULTS, in order to DESTROY your competitors

* Why I DO NOT give a single shit about the economy.. and why you shouldn’t either

* How long your emails should be for MAXIMUM impact

* Why the goorooz are DEAD WRONG about being ‘professional’

* Why being Professional is keeping your BROKE

* The ONLY thing you REALLY need to worry about when writing an email

and a bunch more other DOPE content that’ll help you make more money

and have more fun

good shit, hombre

get it:

Uncle Morty

PS- Nothing to see here today

but cheers for looking, handsome

Key Takeaways
[01.46] Seriously, no matter what your industry, you can make marketing work for you.
[04.33] Paul explains what happens when nothing quite goes to plan.
[07.05] Get in control of what you can stay in control of.
[11.15] Challenge: Become a master at re-framing the situation you’re in (positive focus).
[18.20] Your excuses and opinions are irrelevant. Look at the real results.
[24.03] Be responsible for creating your own personal economy.
[26.25] Dedicate your time and effort to how to sell, not to complaining.
[29.50] Be a victim and blame other people, or be successful and take responsibility.
[32.15] Success will never come from something that is boring.
[38.07] Find a way of making yourself professional – it’s integrity and getting paid for being you.
[40.01] If you’re going to write long emails, keep them entertaining and full of content.

Mentioned in this episode

When push comes to shove, you’ve either done the work or you haven’t.
Change your life with POSITIVE FOCUS: What. Why. Lesson. Apply.
When you’re in power, you’re in a position to produce and get results.
Your business and your life lives or dies on your success at sales and marketing.
Who sets what professionalism is?

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