PMP #50 Unstoppable Productivity

April 3, 2015


*How so many Biz owners are missing out on the TRUE benefits of being self employed (and how to remedy it for fun and bacon)

*Why you’ll NEVER have a life you LOVE… by doing things you LOATHE

* The REAL, RAW truth about setting goals and actually ACHIEVING them (you haven’t heard this before)

* My bizzarre opinion on early morning PT

* Why productivity hacks are horse-shit.. and what to do instead for maximum output

* YOUR ‘thinking’ problem and whats really stopping you from getting shit done

* One REALLY suprising difference between successful people and un-successful people and why its not what you DO

* What my weakness for late night monster munch has to do with your bank account

* When you should NEVER set goals.. despite what the Flakebook goorooz say

* How to change the way you FEEL…. so you can get SHIT DONE

* How to CRUSH fear… procrastination and DOUBT. NOW.

* “Judgement” – My un-censored thoughts on “what people think”

* My simple trick to staying focused on long and short term goals

* The ONLY productivity tip you’ll ever need (stolen from weight training)

* How to create a PERSONAL ACTION PLAN that leads to big ass results

* Why your to-do list is killing you (and one simple way to crush that shit)

* How to deal with OVERWHELM… and mental blocks that screw with you

* 40-50 hour weeks and how to STOP them WITHOUT pissing too many people off

* How to keep your lady happy.. and your clients happy at the same time]

* (31 mins) why my wife LEFT me and what I learned about MONEY and Bizniz

* A proven, PRACTICAL way to increase your prices with almost ZERO stress

and more awesomeness that I wont write about now…

Cuz I want you to go listen, broby-cakes

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Paul ‘motormouth’ Mort

PS- Caught 2 mins of the ‘political debate’ on Friday

sheeet- what a bunch of helmets…

I’ll give you my personal opinion tomorrow

and what you can learn from those ass-clowns

Key Takeaways
01.12 – Why work hard to get the lifestyle you want, and then not make the most of it?
03.38 – Figure out your priorities and look at things from a different angle.
05.40 – Productivity is about YOU and how you THINK.
10.15 – Commitment leaves convenience behind. Commitment is standing by your word.
15.29 – Finding power isn’t about the end result; it’s about taking the next step towards that goal.
18.06 – Stop thinking about everything in the negative – what everything works out fine?
21.44 – Setting a time limit organizes yourself and your productivity.
23.23 – Question: Disabling pay-per-clicks to get the most for your money
24.19 – Planning too far ahead only causes problems.
27.04 – Stress feels like it comes from all different sources, but it’s about what’s in your head.
29.06 – If you’re spending more time with your clients than your partner, re-organize your life.

You get one life; why spend it doing shit you don’t like doing?
It’s time to take personal ownership of your accountability.
Why are we so scared of things that haven’t even happened? We’re scared to face the truth.
Don’t stress the pennies, count the pounds.

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Loving What Is by Byron Katie

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