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Personal Training Vs Bootcamp (epic battle)

October 18, 2017

Back in my younger, more aggresive days I used to get involved in some EPIC battles…

With PT’s about my bootcamps.

PT’s had a big problem with bootcamps back then.

“It’s not personalised”

“It’s dangerous, you can’t correct everyones form”

yada yada.

Most of them just had their tampons in a twist because I was getting better results in a group environment…

than they were gettign working 1-1 with people.

(thats actually how I orgionally ended up getting “famous” in the industry- because of the transformations I was getting)

When it really comes down to it though, hombre is this:

THE BEST thing.. is the thing that YOU LOVE and the thing that SUITS YOUR LIFESTYLE.

‘tiz is simple as that.

There are benefits of both.

and the truth of this matter is actually that SOME PT’s aren’t at all cut out

to stand in front of a group of people and run a high energy session

Same as some group trainers are sh*t at working 1-1.

But there are some (and I would probably be included in this)

who are HYBRIDS.


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able to adapt to both.

They have the knowledge to deliver results

and the personality to coach groups

Wanna know something though?

Theres pretty much ZERO difference in how you sell in either of those

Marketing is Marketing

and Selling is Selling

So when it comes down to it

Wether you want more 1-1 clients

or more Small group/Large Group clients…

If you can sell, you can sell

and if you can’t….

Well, good luck with that

Paul “Yer, I trained people ” Mort

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