These Personal Trainers Are W***ers!

November 20, 2017

Last Friday, I asked the members of my ‘Marketing Muscle Inner Circle’ to tell me about their biggest ‘wins’ of the week

Here are some of their responses:

“Set up meeting with a potential investor of new business”

“Engagement is massively better 6 new starters next week, works ridiculously. Thanks Paul Mort”

“Had a 50k target between August 21- November 21st hit £47k so far so very happy with that…

Oh and signed 4 new clients up”

“Got an Interview with newspaper next Monday”

“Realised the 2 new clients we took on our actually really COOL and not tw*ts..

hopefully means I’m attracting the right sort of people for me, and one said he loves my emails and they make him laugh”

“Signed one more guy up for my group programme”

“Implemented some CrosFit style ‘named’ workouts… but didn’t ask that my guys grow beards an train topless”

“Got rid of a difficult client”

“Got a long time group client started with some one on one sessions”

“The feedback in my members area , everyone’s buzzing , retention this yr has improved drastically”

“New boot camp set up for new year and half full after 2 days!”

As you can see, mon ami…

These personal trainers are WINNERS!

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Paul ‘W***er’ Mort

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