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Personal Trainers With ‘Benefits’

January 23, 2018

Back in 2011, Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis starred together in a film called:

“Friends With Benefits”

The premise of the film was fairly predictable:

Man and woman start out as friends

Man and woman decide to have ‘a little fun’ together

Man and woman realise they have feelings for each other

Man and woman are too afraid to confess their feelings

Man and woman have an argument

Man and woman make up

Man and woman confess their feelings

Man and woman kiss

Roll credits

If you’ve NOT seen it?

I’ve just saved you 109 minutes of your life

(And don’t complain about spoilers, the film is SEVEN years old!)

But this email has NOTHING to do with sleeping with your clients, amigo


I want to talk about the BENEFITS that people get when they TRAIN with you

If all you ever talk about in your marketing is the ‘thing’ that you’re selling?


People will grow tired of it


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However, if you focus on the BENEFITS of what they actually get?

(A sexier body/more confidence/better fitting clothes/etc)

People will be a LOT more interested in what you have to say…

And you’ll get a LOT more enquiries as a result

Give it a go today

(And let me know how you get on)

Paul ‘Kunis Fan’ Mort

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Instead of putting them off?

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