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Get Rid Of Your Landlord
One of the most common mistakes that personal trainers make... Is building their 'business' on someone else's land This ISN'T[...]
Why You NEED A Bootcamp
In case you weren't aware? I LOVE the 'bootcamp' business model (Not too keen on the 'bootcamp' name, though) And[...]
Classic PM
There are NO new podcasts this week, mon ami (I've been busy writing my book) Nonetheless, if you're missing my[...]
A Ludicrous Hourly Rate?
A few months ago, I hosted a webinar that generated over £30K in sales... For my 'other' business: Unstoppable B*stards[...]
Cheap Attracts Cheap
I'm not gonna name any names... But there are a LOT of personal trainers out there who are stingy as[...]
I Just Googled Your Name…
We live in a VERY connected world, amigo And chances are, if someone 'Googles' your name: "Your Name Personal Trainer"[...]
It’s Not About You
One of the most fundamental lessons ANY business owner can learn... Is that your business ISN'T about you It's about[...]
Do You Really Need A PT Studio?
When personal trainers first start out in this industry... Most of them have a common dream: To own their own[...]
Can You Give It A Quick Wipe?
One of the biggest mistakes that personal trainers make... (When they first enter the industry) Is to work for FREE[...]
I’m The Worst
It's true, amigo I'm the worst. But to find out 'why'? You'll have to check out my 'Daily Diesel' podcast[...]
Lights, Camera, Action…
If you're one of the two BILLION people who use Facebook each month... You'll have no doubt noticed the following[...]
Instagram Buttholes
At the risk of sounding like an old man... I've been working in the fitness industry for a LONG time[...]
I’ve Got The T-Shirt
According to experts, Facebook now has two BILLION monthly users Which is pretty impressive when you consider that there are[...]
Six Week Intensive
Yesterday, I touched on the fact that MOST personal training courses... Only last around SIX weeks After which time, successful[...]
Time To Go To Work
One of the biggest mistakes that personal trainers make... Is allowing their clients to dictate their working hours If you[...]
PT Parents
Most personal trainers who are 'young' in their careers... Are often guilty of treating their PT business like a job:[...]
I Almost F*cked My Wheels
It's true, amigo I almost f*cked my wheels But to find out more? You'll have to check out my 'Daily[...]
Back To School
The summer holidays are coming to an end, amigo And next week? Kids all across the UK will be heading[...]
Autumn Is Coming
That's right, amigo... Autumn is coming If you're a fan of 'Game Of Thrones'? You probably won't care that much[...]
The Sales Process
A common misconception amongst some personal trainers... (Particularly those without any money) Is that 'selling' is somehow 'evil' My response to this[...]
Time For A Reality Check
Every day, including Saturday and Sunday... I send you an email And inside each email, is a useful hint, tip,[...]
Viagra For Personal Trainers
Personal trainers are a funny bunch, sometimes They take good care of themselves (Most of the time) They exercise They[...]
Stressed Out? (So Was I)
Back in the day, when I was a personal trainer... I used to offer a 'variety' of services to a[...]
She Cried Like A Four Year Old
It's true, amigo She cried like a four year old But to find out who 'she' was... And why she[...]
If you run a business, and you're planning on making sales? You need to have a 'sales funnel' in place[...]
How To Get More Leads
If there's ONE thing personal trainers love... (Apart from eating all of their meals from tupperware) It's asking the question:[...]
Free Lunch? (No Such Thing)
I try not to pay too much attention to what other people are doing/saying on social media... But every so[...]
How To Make £30K(!) Per Hour
That's right, amigo Your eyes AREN'T playing tricks on you... And that's NOT a 'typo' There actually IS a way[...]
“It’s Too Wet!”
If you've ever trained clients outdoors? You'll have no doubt had someone cancel on you, because of the weather The[...]
Naughty Morty Webcam Action
In addition to MMIC, I run a second business... Called 'Unstoppable B*stards' (Hit me up if you want more info)[...]
I’m Weak
It's true, amigo I'm weak Very weak, in fact But to find out what I've done? (Or perhaps, what I[...]
Meet The Morts
In these emails, I talk about business In fact, I talk about business a LOT But then, that IS the[...]
Joe Wicks Is Better Than You
That's right, amigo Joe Wicks, AKA 'The Body Coach', is better than you Much better, in fact At marketing How[...]
Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems
If you ask the 'average' personal trainer what they want? Most of them will tell you the same thing: "More[...]
It’s NOT Their Fault
I think ALL personal trainers should offer money back guarantees on their services If someone pays for something, and it[...]
Your No Risk Guarantee
One of the biggest mistakes that personal trainers make... Is NOT offering a full money back guarantee on ALL of[...]
The Mort Holiday Report
So, last week... (As you probably know) I took the wife and kids on a family holiday, to Marbella Sun[...]
Duty Free Diesel
In case you weren't aware, amigo... I've been away in Marbella, on a family holiday, ALL week And because I[...]
No Mobile Phone?
When was the last time you took a 'break' from using your mobile phone, amigo? And I don't mean an[...]
Where Are You Going?
What's your long-term plan, amigo? Where are you going in life? Hopefully, you know the answer to this question But[...]
Paul Mort: Guilty/Not Guilty?
Sometimes, I get angry replies to my emails... From personal trainers who accuse me of 'hating' personal trainers Which is[...]
Your Options Are Limited
As a 1:1 personal trainer? You have two main options when it comes to making more money: 1.) Charge more 2.) Work[...]
The Truth About Passive Income
If you're not familiar with the term 'passive income'? Allow me to enlighten you, amigo: Passive income is where you[...]
I’m Not Here
This week, I'm away on a family holiday And this email... That you're reading, right now? It was written last[...]
The Garbage Plate
Do you watch the TV show 'Billions'? If you do? You'll probably be familiar with the concept of 'The Garbage[...]
It’s Not Fair
In case you haven't figured it out yet, amigo... Life isn't fair In fact, life can be a real b*tch[...]
Believe And Achieve?
I'm BIG into 'mindset' In fact, I'd go as far as to say... That if your head ISN'T in the[...]
Forget What They Told You
When I was young, people always told me that if I wanted to be successful... I had to work hard[...]
The Problem With Money
If you ask the average person, what the problem with 'money' is... Nine times out of ten, they'll tell you[...]
How To Make £16K Per Month
As a fitness business owner... You should WANT to make money (And you shouldn't feel any 'shame' or 'guilt' for[...]
You’ve Still Got Time
If you were thinking about signing up to MMIC this month... And getting your mitts on this month's MMIC newsletter?[...]
Daily Dizzle Back In Da Hizzle
That's right, amigo... The 'Daily Diesel' is BACK (And back with a vengeance!) If you've NOT had a chance to[...]
Nightmare PT Clients
Sometimes, as a personal trainer... You may find yourself working with clients who are 'less than ideal' And by this,[...]
The Big ‘Reveal’
In yesterday's email... I mentioned that I made a BIG change to MMIC But instead of telling you what it[...]
Did You Notice?
Yesterday, I made a VERY big change to MMIC One of the BIGGEST changes that I've made since it was[...]
Keep Them Out
As a personal trainer, it's VERY important that you work with people that you actually like If you spend your[...]
The Law Of Attraction (Mort Edition)
If you're on my email list, and you're reading this email... It's safe to assume the following: 1.) You're a[...]
How To Be The Best In Town
In every town, up and down the UK... One personal trainer is universally recognised as 'the best in town' Hopefully,[...]
Podcast = Cancelled
Bad news, amigo I've cancelled my 'Daily Diesel' podcast... (For this week, at least) Because I've got a nasty 'strep'[...]
Personal Trainers Wanted
I'm gonna let you into a little secret, amigo... If you want to make the 'big bucks' in this industry?[...]
Time To Retire?
Many years ago, I was told that working in the fitness industry... Was a young man's game (By someone who[...]
I Smell BS
Money Freedom Unicorns There's a LOT of this bullsh*t doing the rounds in the fitness industry, right now Most of[...]
Time To Get A Real Job?
When I was a personal trainer... People would often ask me: "When are you going to get a real job?"[...]
Your Last Chance?
Each month, the members of my 'Marketing Muscle Inner Circle' receive a brand new, hard copy newsletter... Overflowing with practical,[...]
How Long Can You Last?
Don't worry, amigo... I'm NOT enquiring about your bedroom skills I'm talking about your career in the fitness industry How[...]
I Made LOTS Of Episodes For You
I have a confession, amigo There are NO new episodes of my 'Daily Diesel' podcast, this week The reason? I've[...]
How’s Work?
Are you working today, mon ami? If so... Are you doing it out of choice? Or out of necessity? You[...]
Time Management For Personal Trainers
One of the WORST things about being a personal trainer... Is the hours Early starts Late finishes Long ar*e days[...]
Social Media Following = £0?
I like social media I use it for business AND for pleasure But, I don't build my business around it[...]
Beware False Profits
There's a LOT of noise in this industry about 'six figure trainers' Which, if you're NOT familiar with the term...[...]
About Those Long Term Goals…
You wanna know why MOST personal trainers fail to achieve their long term goals? It's because MOST personal trainers have[...]
Where’s YOUR Ambition?
If there's one thing that NEVER ceases to amaze me... It's the distinct lack of AMBITION amongst people in the[...]
Why I’m A D*ck
In case you haven't noticed... I can be a bit of a 'd*ck' sometimes But, in my defence... I have[...]
Mortweather Promotions Presents:
Tonight, I'll be stepping inside a boxing ring for the second time... (In front of FIVE HUNDRED people) To do[...]
Welcome To The Layer Cake, Son…
Have you ever watched the movie 'Layer Cake'? If so, you'll be familiar with the following quote: "You're born, you[...]
Do PT Jobs Even Exist?
If you've been in the fitness industry for any length of time... You'll probably already know the answer to this[...]
Does Your GP Clean His Toilets?
Let me ask you a question, amigo If you went to visit your GP, and when you got there... He[...]
Social Media Made Them Poor
Over the last few days... I've talked a LOT of 'smack' about social media And how engagement DOESN'T equal profits[...]
I Think I Broke Their Hearts
Last week, I wrote about FREE Facebook groups... And why I think they're bad for YOUR business As a result?[...]
Should I Kill This Podcast?
Serious question, mon ami And it's one I asked earlier this week... On my 'Daily Diesel' podcast If you've NOT[...]
Question Time
It's 'Q3', mon ami And whilst you might be impressed with my skills as a poet... Don't let that distract[...]
Join My FREE Facebook Group
Yesterday, I wrote about the 'perils' of running a FREE Facebook group... And how your competitors will actively try to[...]
FREE Facebook Groups: Good Or Bad?
Picture the scene... A member of the public reaches out to you They tell you that they're interested in training[...]
How To Write Better Facebook Posts
Personal trainers LOVE Facebook And it's understandable It's an easy way for them to connect with an almost UNLIMITED number[...]
How To Write Words And Get Paid
Each month, the members of my 'Marketing Muscle Inner Circle' receive a brand new, hard copy newsletter... Overflowing with practical,[...]
Is Mark Zuckerberg Stealing Your Money?
Let me ask you a question, mon ami: How much time do you waste, p*ssing around on Facebook, each day?[...]
Just The One This Week
I have some bad news, mon ami I've been away in the States on bizness, all week And as a[...]
Working Whilst Travelling
This past week, I travelled from South Shields... To the United States And ALL of the emails that I sent[...]
First Impressions Count
Let me ask you a question, mon ami: When was the last time you clicked on a Facebook ad... And[...]
Riches In Niches
Chances are, if you study marketing in your spare time... You've heard the phrase: "Riches in niches" It sounds pretty[...]
How To Eliminate Your Competition
Before I begin, let me make something VERY clear I'm NOT talking about going all 'Jason Bourne' on your competitors...[...]
Your Last Chance To Sell High End PT?
Each month, the members of my 'Marketing Muscle Inner Circle' receive a brand new, hard copy newsletter... Overflowing with practical,[...]
How To Be The Best In Town
On Friday, I mentioned that you can charge whatever you want... When you're recognised as the BEST personal trainer in[...]
F*ck Over Delivering
I know what you're thinking, mon ami: (Especially if you've ever given me money) "But Paul, you ALWAYS overdeliver" But[...]
My First 3 Way
Earlier this week... I had my first '3 way' And before you ask? I was the ONLY dude... (Homie don't[...]
It’s Time To Discount Discounts
Personal training is a 'luxury' service And as such? It should carry a luxury price tag Unfortunately, most personal trainers[...]
People Don’t Trust You
One of the most difficult things to do as a personal trainer... Is gain people's trust It's not that people[...]
How To Grow Your Confidence (Quickly)
The fitness industry can often be a VERY strange place From the outside looking in? Everything looks perfect Everyone is[...]
Do You Really Want To Help More People?
Most personal trainers are SCARED to charge what they're worth True story And truth be told? I get it I[...]
How To Get Better Results
Last week, I wrote about the importance of getting RESULTS for your clients The fact of the matter is... If[...]
I Punished Him
That's right, amigo I punished him But to find out who 'he' was... And why I punished him? You'll have[...]
Old Men With Giant Schlongs?
On Thursday, I announced on Flakebook that I had NO plans to vote And as a result? I caught a[...]
Free Marketing For Personal Trainers
Personal trainers are forever asking me about Facebook ads And it's no surprise Facebook ads are awesome And I've personally[...]
Four Words That Can Kill Your Business
In the English language, mon ami... There are four words that, when combined, instantly expose bootcamp owners as being clueless[...]
For My Next Trick…
It appears that your Uncle Morty has psychic powers, mon ami Because immediately after sending yesterday's email? It started p*ssing[...]
Blame It On The Weatherman
Most personal trainers are FULL of excuses I'm sorry if that offends you, amigo (Actually, no I'm not) But it's[...]
Win A Holiday To Cuba
Would you like a five star, all expenses paid, family trip to Cuba? I bet you f*cking would But if you're[...]
No Podcast
Don't worry, amigo... I'm still here with 'the goods' But I am one short, unfortunately If you want to know[...]
Are You A Coward?
There's a great quote, that's often accredited to American football coach Vince Lombardi, that goes: "Fatigue makes cowards of us[...]
You Don’t Look So Good…
This week, I've spoken about holidays Specifically client holidays And family holidays (As in YOUR family holidays) And how they[...]
Annual Leave For Personal Trainers
In yesterday's email, I wrote about clients taking holidays... And how that can be problematic for YOUR business The flip[...]
Do You Have Any Protection?
The summer holidays are coming, mon ami And whilst that doesn't sound quite as ominous as 'winter is coming'? Make[...]
The Notorious VIP (Experience)
No matter what part of the developed world you're in... Someone, somewhere, will tell you the following: "Nobody here can[...]
Good Weekend?
How was your weekend, amigo? Did you do anything 'nice', at all? Me? I worked <GASP!> Yup, your Uncle Morty[...]
I Can’t Do It
I have a confession, amigo Last week? I very nearly burnt BOTH of my businesses to the ground (I was[...]
What You Up To Today, Bro?
It's Saturday morning, bromigo But not just any old Saturday morning It's a 'bank holiday' Saturday What you up to?[...]
Insert Subject Line Here
It's NO secret that I'm a BIG fan of email marketing In fact, email marketing plays a HUGE role in[...]
Investors Wanted
Today, I'd like to present you with an AMAZING opportunity An opportunity that will help you to: 1.) Make more[...]
How To Sell High-End Personal Training In 2017
Yesterday, I wrote about bootcamps... And how I think that every single personal trainer in the WORLD should own one[...]
“Is It Just About Bootcamps?”
If you've been on my list for a while now... You'll already know that I LOVE the bootcamp business model[...]
What Are You Really Selling?
If you want to confuse a newly qualified personal trainer? (Or any small business owner, for that matter) Ask them[...]
I Snapped My Teeth
True story, amigo I looked like a guest on the Jeremy Kyle show (Albeit, one of the 'cleaner' ones) But[...]
Embrace The Struggle
I've been in the self-employed 'game' for a long time In fact, I've been self employed for MOST of my[...]
My Brain, Your Business
Back in the day, one of the many things that I become known for... Were my fitness business 'events' They[...]
How To Go From £12K To £300K
One of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal... Is social proof (Otherwise known as 'testimonials') As tempting as[...]
“I Can’t Charge That Much!”
One of the most common, and incorrect, beliefs held by personal trainers... Is that they have to charge what their[...]
You’re Gonna Miss It
Every Tuesday morning, I host a private, thirty minute 'mastermind'... Exclusively for the members of my 'Marketing Muscle Inner Circle':[...]
They Don’t Care About You
One of the biggest marketing mistakes that you can make as a personal trainer... Is to talk about yourself too[...]
“Paul Mort Is A Hypocrite”
Not my words, mon ami. Those were the words of someone else, recently. But to find out more? You'll have[...]
Fixed Mindset VS Growth Mindset
What type of 'mindset' do you have, mon ami? A fixed mindset? Or a growth mindset? If you're unfamiliar with[...]
Do You Like Working Long Days?
When I first became a personal trainer... Sixteen hour days were the 'norm' I was doing what I loved And[...]
Does Charging More Equal Better Results?
I often get asked about pricing As in: "How much should I charge for my bootcamp/PT sessions?" The funny thing[...]
Remember Zumba?
Yesterday, I wrote about Joe Wicks AKA 'The Body Coach' And once again, I had a TON of unsubscribes It[...]
Are You Jealous Of Joe Wicks?
A few weeks ago, I wrote an email about celebrity 'fitness expert' Joe Wicks... (AKA - The Body Coach) In[...]
Good Weekend?
Come on, amigo Time to wake up It's Monday morning 06:00 sharp And it's time to begin another week How[...]
Why I Fight
It's no secret that I LOVE boxing Even though I was a bit 'late' to the game... And didn't start[...]
Did You Hear About Jamie And Louise?
Sad news, amigo It appears that the eighteen year marriage between Jamie and Louise Redknapp is in trouble At least,[...]
How To Create An Online Business
We live in the internet age, mon ami So it's NO surprise that lots of personal trainers want to work[...]
May The Fourth Be With You
Truth be told? I'm NOT a big Star Wars fan Although, if my 'man crush' Denzel Washington was to join[...]
Forget About Facebook Ads
Personal trainers are addicted to Facebook ads True story, amigo And this ISN'T necessarily a bad thing After all, I[...]
Where’s Daddy?
If there's ONE thing I've learnt as a parent? It's that time is short, amigo And your little ones WON'T[...]
Bank Holiday Business As Usual?
It's bank holiday Monday, amigo And hopefully, you've got better things to do today... Instead of 'worrying' about business However,[...]
He Took A P*ss On My Clothes
Yep, true story, amigo But to find out who 'he' was? (And what happened to him after he p*ssed on[...]
My Favourite Books (Full List)
I often get asked for book recommendations The reason? I spend a LOT of time on my personal development And[...]
World’s Hottest Felon Banned From UK?
Yesterday, whilst checking in with my MMIC Facebook group... Something in the newsfeed caught my eye It was a headline,[...]
“I Don’t Want To Run A Bootcamp!”
As you probably know... I'm a BIG fan of the 'bootcamp' business model In fact, a couple of years ago,[...]
You’re Not Greedy
If you're a good personal trainer? You deserve to make good money It really is that simple, amigo The problem?[...]
How To Make £200 Per Hour (Every Hour)
Depending on where you live... The average rate for the 'average' personal trainer is about £30 per hour Which, compared[...]
Failure = Opportunity
The fitness industry is failing, mon ami True story The motivational quotes are failing The positive/empowering images are failing And[...]
I Got Beat Up
Dry those eyes, amigo I may have got beaten up... But I'm still pretty To find out what happened? You'll[...]
I Used To Be Scared As Well
True story, amigo I was just like you, not so long ago I used to look at a lot of[...]
Has Your ‘Thing’ Stopped Working?
I've heard a nasty rumour about you, amigo Apparently, your 'thing' has stopped working And I've heard it hasn't worked[...]
We Need To Talk…
I think it's about time you and I had a little 'chat' Don't you? You've been on my email list[...]
Joe Wicks Is Better Than You
That's right, amigo Joe Wicks AKA 'The Body Coach' is better than you Much better, in fact At marketing How[...]
How To Make More Money (Today)
If you want to make more money as a personal trainer? The easiest way to do it, is to charge[...]
Bank Holiday Mournday
Today marks the end of the Easter bank holiday weekend And all across the UK, people are dealing with the[...]
“Put The Bunny Back In The Box”
I thought you might enjoy an 'Easter' themed quote as today's subject line Courtesy of a young Nicolas Cage, in[...]
Are You Busy Right Now?
It's Saturday morning, mon ami But not just any old Saturday morning It's day TWO of the Easter bank holiday[...]
The Long Good Friday
Today, marks the start of the Easter bank holiday weekend Most people will be spending time with their families, and[...]
Big Money Bootcamps
Back in the day, before I turned my local bootcamp into a franchise... (Which I then sold for a LOT[...]
It’s ALL Your Fault
For an industry that uses a LOT of 'positive' marketing... (Believe and achieve, etc) The fitness industry sure is FULL[...]
Personal Trainers With ‘Benefits’
Back in 2011, Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis starred together in a film called: "Friends With Benefits" The premise of[...]
Where’s Your Proof?
These days, pretty much EVERYONE is online Which means that EVERYONE is a LOT more connected than they used to[...]
I Want To Give You Aural Pleasure
You might want to reread that subject line AGAIN, amigo Because it's probably NOT what you think I'm simply here[...]
Clients VS Money
If I was to survey 100 personal trainers... And ask them what they wanted for their businesses? I could almost[...]
Barry Manilow Is Gay! (Shock/Horror)
Yesterday, I discovered that Barry Manilow... (The old-school 'crooner' that your gran is probably a BIG fan of) Has 'come[...]
Six Figure ‘Secrets’
In the UK, the average income for the 'average' personal trainer... Is LESS than £20K a year In fact, it's[...]
The REAL Cost Of Facebook Ads
I talk to a LOT of fitness business owners And one of the most common questions that I get asked[...]
It’s Time To Wake Up, Amigo
Get up, amigo You've got a BUSY day ahead An early start A late finish A quiet period in the[...]
Lessons From Laurie (The Lioness)
It's no secret that I target MEN with my marketing The MAIN reason for this? I don't have breasts Or[...]
Bibbity Boppity Boo
Don't get it twisted, amigo I'm NOT 'singing' to you with today's subject line Although, I am still going to[...]
Join My FREE Facebook Group (Today Only)
That's right, mon ami... I've just created a FREE Facebook Group Once inside? You'll be able to interact with a[...]
Action = Progress (Proof)
Behold ye, yet another 'glowing' member testimonial This time, from MMIC member 'Mark L': Joined last Friday. Got a launch[...]
The ‘F’ Word
I'm known for having a 'potty mouth' But the 'F' word in question today? Isn't the 'F' word that you're[...]
End Of The Tax Year
Next week marks the end of the 2016/2017 tax year And it's often a time when business owners are forced[...]
What Do You Want?
I deal with a LOT of fitness business owners And one of the most common questions that I ask them[...]
Why I Started Smoking…
On Saturday, I hosted Mindset X: 2.0 AKA - "The Most Controversial Seminar The Fitness Industry Has Ever Seen" And[...]
Suck On My DD’s
I know what you're thinking, hotlips I've finally made the offer you've been waiting for The REAL reason you've been[...]
Working? On A Saturday?
What are you to today, amigo? Shopping with the family? A spot of lunch with the wife? An afternoon of[...]
He Made Me Blush…
The Oscars took place almost four weeks ago, mon ami But even so? Grown men continue to 'gush' Behold, ye...[...]
In Your Face, Zuckerberg!
Last Friday, I reopened my 'Marketing Muscle Inner Circle': Since then? I've had a LOT of emails from people,[...]
Poor Old Brad Pickett
So this weekend, the UFC held an event in London And one of the fights on the main card, featured[...]
I Can Guarantee It (Can You?)
If you want to pick up some NEW clients before the end of this month? Here's a VERY simple way[...]
More Time With Your Kids?
One of the biggest 'bonuses' of running your own business... Is that it puts YOU in control of your schedule[...]
Daily Diesel 101
This week, my Daily Diesel podcast celebrated it's first 'centennial' That's right, amigo One hundred episodes In fact, I'm now[...]
I Would’ve Lost My Sh*t
Yesterday, I had a few 'technical difficulties' with my website During the long awaited 'relaunch' of MMIC... My servers crashed[...]
Just A Quick One, Dude…
I noticed you had a bit of trouble viewing my website this morning (The f*cking thing had so much traffic,[...]
Sold Out Already?
If you've ever tried to buy tickets online... Gigs Festivals Sporting events You'll know that it can be quite stressful[...]
Sh*t Just Got Real
I'm gonna keep this email VERY short today, amigo If you're interested in joining my 'Marketing Muscle Inner Circle'? You[...]
Ten Hours Left
Just in case you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks... My 'Marketing Muscle Inner Circle' will[...]
What Do YOU Specialise In?
Lemme ask you a question, squire If you found out that you had a brain tumour, tomorrow... Would you let[...]
How To Win With Facebook Ads
So yesterday, I wrote about the 'dark side' of Facebook ads And how they can sometimes attract NEGATIVE comments from[...]
The Dark Side Of Facebook Ads
If you've ever heard me talk about 'Facebook ads' before? You'll know that I'm a BIG fan Because in my[...]
How Much Should I Charge?
One question that I often get asked by personal trainers, is... "How much should I charge for my personal training[...]
Summer Is Coming
Things are starting to 'hot up', amigo Here in South Shields? It's currently a 'balmy' -5 degrees Celsius And that[...]
Fancy A Bum?
If you're targeting men with your marketing efforts? There's a strong chance that your marketing message is a LOT like[...]
Can You Count, Suckas?
Today, I'd like to talk about 'dyscalculia' Which, according to experts at Wikipedia... Is a difficulty learning or comprehending arithmetic[...]
I See You
As a fitness business owner... You need to become obsessed Not with reps, sets, and rest periods (That's what you[...]
Your Marketing Sucks
Hi, I'm Paul I'm a fully qualified REPs level three personal trainer And I've always been passionate about sports I'm[...]
He Told Me He Hated It
The fitness industry is a strange beast Despite the 'everything is awesome' image that most personal trainers like to project?[...]
Why Are YOU Hiding?
You may have noticed that I put out a LOT of content That includes: Emails Social media posts Podcasts TV[...]
Every Day Is A Skool Day
I'm away on a course this week To learn more about anxiety And how to CRUSH it It's something that[...]
Spring Forward Or Fall Back?
If 'Ned Stark' were a real person? He'd be a happy man Because today marks the END of winter And[...]
13.5 Inches Of Solid Gold
Get your mind out of the gutter, hotlips I'm NOT talking about my willy (I only measure in at a[...]
I LOVE the “D”
I'm writing this email from my local starbucks just happens to be inside a cinema I've come here to get[...]
Open Your Mind
If you've ever watched the original 'Total Recall' film? (Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger) You'll no doubt remember the scene where that[...]
A National Day Of Mourning
Mindset X: 2.0 has SOLD OUT And all across the country... Tears are being shed If you FAILED to grab[...]
No more emails (last chance)
This is the last email I'll send you about this, bromigo At midnight tonight, UK time Registration for my powerful,[...]
What about Pat?
So there's this dude over in Northern Ireland We'll call him Pat.. because thats his name. Pat Divilly actually at[...]
FREE Tickets For Mindset X: 2.0
Free? I'm sorry, amigo I think you misheard me I actually said 'THREE' tickets (It must've been my accent) As[...]
Is it just ‘Warrior’?
Let me put this one to bed, amigo In 2014 I attended a week long Immersion by the name of[...]
I should have ripped this sick fckers head off
So this past week I've been building out new marketing campaigns See, I've been working with PT's and Fitness Professional's[...]
4 left
I'll keep this short, my friend We're down to just the last FOUR seats for my 1 day seminar, "Mindset[...]
The Q that STILL hurts
Rewind 7 years... I was in the "Hard Rock Hotel" at a mastermind in Vegas with guys like Jason Ferruggia,[...]
Stop saying sorry? (FB post)
So last week I made a post over on the Olde Flakebook and it's gone down a storm The topic?[...]
T-Minus Five…
That's right, amigo Only FIVE days left to claim your ticket to Mindset X: 2.0 If you're sat on[...]
Cherish The Love We Have
Don't worry, Brosephine I'm NOT about to 'serenade' you with some old skool 'Kool & the Gang' I literally just[...]
How’s The Head?
This morning, in every town and in every city across the UK? Men of ALL ages will be waking up[...]
The PAINFUL reality of ‘personal development’ (97%)
WARNING: This may upset you in some way, shape or form because if I'm being honest (as if I'm ever[...]
Zombie P*rn
Over the past few months... I've confessed to having several 'man-crushes' Not in a 'sexual' way (I'm a happily married[...]
T-Minus Ten…
I'm gonna keep this email INCREDIBLY short today, amigo If you're on the fence about coming to Mindset X: 2.0?[...]
How long is it?
What would be different for you... if you just did what you said you would? ^^ VERY powerful question but[...]
Paul Mort vs “Grenade Jay” Jamie Alderton
first up.. We're down to just 8 seats left for my upgraded Mindset seminar next month So if you've been[...]
Nyum, Nyum, Nyum
I hope you're hungry, amigo? Because I've done gone prepared you a weeks worth of 'tasty treats' (My 'Daily Diesel'[...]
Consider This A Warning
If you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks... You might NOT know that I'm hosting a[...]
What happend to Chris Burgess
"Morty talks about reality and I want you to stop for a second, take a look around and genuinely assess[...]
The NICEST email I’ve ever sent
Listen up chachi... I like to get a little spicy in my emails I find when I throw a little[...]
The accidental 6 pack
'tother day i shared with you my transformation pictures now, you may not have been impressed after all, I aint[...]
Sipping on ye olde Trump-ade
I done said this before, bruddah I'm NOT a guy who knows ANYTHING about politics Never claimed too... never followed[...]
Wanna see me shirtless?
You probably don't want to see me shirtless, do you? Either way... I took a photo yesterday to see where[...]
Kelly Brook Would Be Jealous
And Kell Brook would probably be VERY interested in the content of today's email Why? Because it's full of DD's[...]
My Neighbours Hate Me
Personal training is a relatively new profession But even so? Most personal trainers are 'stuck in their ways' They charge[...]
Stop me when this hurts
So I got a couple of emails this week from guys who want to come to my "Mindset X #2.0" seminar next[...]
Lets get to the point, muchacho This is about my powerful 1 day seminar "Mindset X #2.0"(which you only have[...]
The most controversial fitness event ever?
So over on the 'new' page for my exclusive seminar "Mindset X #2.0" (check that out here--> The title[...]
You and your tired Bullshiz
So I'm BANG into helping business people transform their lives Wether thats by drastically increasing their profits and time off[...]
Do you like it rough?
Behold ye some completely unsolicited "advice" from a reader: "I must say your overall email style is quite rough (not[...]
For Your Listening Pleasure
Just a quick one today, amigo It is Sunday, after all And I'm sure you're busy with family stuff (And[...]
Paul Mort: Summoned to court for taking a dump
back when I was a 'wet behind the ears' PT I used to run this 6:15am group training session here[...]
I’m sorry about this (deadline)
If you've been waiting... hanging about or 'sitting on the fence' about my exclusive 1 day seminar "Mindset X #2.0"[...]
Man Lessons From Keanu Reeves
Yesterday, I went to the cinema And whilst there? I'm happy to report that I had a gay ol' time[...]
How to take REJECTION
Here's a knowledge bombadero for you, amigo Procrastination Putting things off Not doing what you said you would do Avoiding[...]
Confession: I’m a BAD dad
So last weeked, Mrs Mort had me watch "Bad Moms" in casa Mort She saw it at the cinema and[...]
If I WAS to ‘bat for the other team’
I admit it, my friend I have a 'Man- crush' In fact I have a few, some you may have[...]
The weird animal that bucks itself to death
Came across an article a while back now about a new species of mammal discovered in Australia they all it[...]
I Made You A Mixtape
I know your secret You're a Justin Bieber fan Aren't you? Yep Thought as much You're a 'Belieber' Haha I'm[...]
Have You Lost Your Mind?
As you probably know, I'm not a huge fan of the 'book of faces' Whilst I love the technology... (Especially[...]
The 4 most dangerous words in the English Language
This one might sting a little... but hey, I ain't here to tell you what you want to hear or[...]
17/1/2010: “My waters have broke”
My son Max celebrated his 6th birthday yesterday I can remember the day he was born, like it was yesterday[...]
You’re WRONG
Warning: the content of this email could radically change results you produce You may have seen the Flakbook live video[...]
This one time, at Bodypower
So for 3 years now, I've been a speaker at Boydpower If you don't know, its pretty much the biggest[...]
Mindset X 2.0 is OPEN
It's time, my dude... Registration is now open for my 1 day seminar "Mindset X #2.0"--> Here's your opportunity to[...]
Why are you here? [serious]
My dude. I'm going to be real honest Listen, you've been here for a while now reading my daily emails..[...]
Goosebumps and your BS
Friday afternoons I spend 1-1 with my 3 year old girl, Nina (you may have seen her on my videos)[...]
News about “Mindset X 2.0”
Maybe you've heard about it... maybe you haven't but I've decided to put on an Exclusive seminar for men AND[...]
No More Stories (The End?)
As you know, I'm BIG on bootcamps In fact, it's how I became 'famous' in this incestuous little industry of ours[...]
How’s Business?
People love small talk, don't they? Whether it's the weather Gossip Or what they watched on TV last night People[...]
Did You See This? (FREE Training)
As you know, I'm not a huge fan of 'Ye Olde Flakebook' It's full of posers Cock-wavers And LIARS That[...]
And So, It Begins…
Today is the first 'proper' Monday of 2017 And as such? It's the day when MOST people will be starting[...]
Did I ever mention that I was psychic? Well, I am Because the subject line of today's email? Is the[...]
“But Paul, My Town Is Different!”
^^^ If I had a pound for every time I've heard the line above? I'd be a VERY wealthy man[...]
Find Me On Facebook
If there's one sentence in the English language that says: "I know fuck all about marketing and running a business"?[...]
William Wallace Would Be Proud
Have you ever seen the film 'Braveheart'? If so, you'll no doubt remember the 'freedom' speech that Mel Gibson's character[...]
Miserable B*stards
There were a LOT of miserable looking people around yesterday Tired Bleary eyed Pissed off The reason? Well, it was[...]
On Your Marks…
Get set. Go! That's right, amigo It's 'go' time The first 'proper' working day of the year Time to put[...]
Don’t Call It A Comeback…
Ronda Rousey made her long awaited return to the UFC last weekend And after a thirteen month absence from the[...]
A Double Dose Of DD’s?
Don't worry, hotlips... I haven't hacked into your laptop, and gone through your search history (You naughty boy!) I'm actually[...]
New Year, New You!
And so, it begins Personal trainer's all over country are posting this shit up on... Facebook Twitter Instagram Even fucking[...]
No Offence, But…
Tis a sad week, amigo On Christmas Day, George Michael died Then, a few days later, Carrie Fisher (AKA -[...]
Do You See What I See?
Earlier this year, the UK fitness industry was valued at £4.4 BILLION Or £4,400,000,000 if you're a fan of zeros[...]
Was It Worth It?
This week, all over the UK, the 'sales' are on And just like every other year... People are mobbing their[...]
It Really Was His Last Christmas
Yesterday morning, I woke up to the news that George Michael had died On Christmas day At 53 And whilst[...]
Why Is It Called ‘Boxing Day’?
Christmas Eve Christmas Day Boxing Day When you look at it 'objectively'? The name 'boxing day' doesn't really fit Does[...]
(Do this/Not That) Getting Up In Your Grill
we’re almost there… up at 3am with excited kids, chocolate for breakfast.. rushing round to see family then eating the[...]
Are we friends on Facebook?
So Wednesday was the 2 year "Anniversary" of the lowest point in my life since then, I've learned a shit[...]
Put ‘Em Up, Put ‘Em Up!
Don't worry, squire... I'm NOT about to challenge you to a game of fisticuffs (I'd have to let my broken[...]
I’m Only Winding You Up
December's a weird month, isn't it? At least in the fitness industry For a month that's supposed to be 'the[...]
Could Be Worse…
Is life a struggle sometimes? Do you feel fed up? Frustrated? Stuck in a rut? Well, if so... It's time[...]
“Santa’s Watching”
I heard it until like 14 years old (Well, maybe not that long...) and my kids are currently hearing it[...]
Check Out These DD’s
Grab your headphones, amigo Because it's time to nuzzle your head in-between my DD's (My 'Daily Diesel' podcast episodes) If[...]
What You Up To Today?
It's Saturday, dude What are you up to? Christmas shopping with the family? A spot of lunch with the wife?[...]
The Aftermath
Last night's webinar has been and gone And the dust has FINALLY settled As usual? I bought pure HEAT to the[...]
Give Back? Give Over!
Have you ever noticed how generous people are in the fitness industry? Especially some of the 'mush-cookie' business coaches When[...]
I Like Doing It With Other Men
In a few hours time? I'm gonna be locked in a room With a bunch of other men And after[...]
They Abandoned Me
As a fitness business owner... One of your biggest challenges is ALWAYS going to be retention Yes, you're a good[...]
What Would Arnold Do?
As you probably already know... I'm hosting a FREE webinar later on this week: (My first one in nearly[...]
Save Money On Gas And Electric
Winter is here, amigo And like many, when it starts to get cold... You may be concerned with the price[...]
What’s A Webinar?
As a personal trainer... There's a LOT to learn. Anatomy. Physiology. Psychology. And sometimes? It's easy to forget that other[...]
Selfies At The Food Bank
I may have mentioned this once or twice before... But a couple of weeks ago? My marketing consultancy business 'MMIC'[...]
Grow Your Business…FAST!
For the past few months? I've been promoting my high-end, life-changing, coaching programme for men: 'Unstoppable Bastards: Uncaged'. Which has[...]
Introducing Unstoppable…Babies?
Ever since going public with 'Unstoppable Bastards'? I've had a LOT of questions from men, asking how it all works.[...]
It Must Run Inn The Family
In a few hours? My five year old son, Max... Will be stepping on stage. And performing in front of[...]
Goodbye? (no more emails)
I've made a big decision, comrade As of WEDNESDAY..this week I'm no longer going to send you emails about Unstoppable Bastards[...]
This Week’s Top ‘Morty’ Playlist
Just a quick one today, dood... It is Sunday, after all. If you’ve NOT had a chance to listen to[...]
How Do You Know If Someone Is A Vegetarian?
Don't worry. They'll tell you as soon as they can. (The same joke can also be used for 'Crossfitters'.) Apparently,[...]
He’s Gonna Fill Me In
on't tell my wife. But later on today? I've got a date... With another man. If all goes well? He's[...]
Why I’m CANCELLING it all
“too late, we’re full up” ^^ not only is that a killer title and subject line of an email but[...]
Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them
I don't work Wednesdays. Instead? I have what I like to call a 'Free Day'. Which means that I do[...]
Where There’s Smoke…
I'm in London today. AKA - 'The Big Smoke'. Admittedly, it's NOT my favourite place in the world. (Too many[...]
Holiday Lessons From ‘Simon The Ogre’
Do you remember that old TV ad from Thomson Holidays? The one that featured 'Simon The Ogre'? If not? Allow[...]
Your FREE Ear Warmers Are Ready
In my last email, I gave you my thoughts on 'Black Friday'... And why I don't offer discounts. (And why[...]
My BIG Black Friday Announcement
So here it is, chico. If you've spent the past 24 hours 'salivating' at the prospect of a big, fat,[...]
Wish You Were Here?
Have I ever told you that I can travel through time? True story, amigo. At this very moment... As you[...]
How uGlY dudes get more chicks than you
When I was a teenager walking around with a permanent semi on (I used to have to tuck that shit[...]
Everyone wants this “C word”
Everyone wants it CLARITY That thing that is supposedly the ‘missing link’ to achieving your goals The only thing thats[...]
You gotta love the DD’S
get yo mind out of the gutter, nutter I'm talking about the Daily Diesel or the Double D or the[...]
An APOLOGY to nobody
Even if you don't watch UFC or any other combat sports you probably still saw this I mean, its ALL[...]
All the way from Cameroon to South Shields
"A chattering bird builds no nest"                   -Cameroon Proverb So I'm sitting[...]
The C word
I ain't gonna like, muchacho The C word is the one word I fear saying... Mama Mort HATES IT and[...]
He broke my nose 🙁
Yep, in case you didn't hear I broke my nose on Friday It's a total mess... Right now, as I[...]
Mushy Mentors vs boozy “Hustlers”
In my honest, and scarily correct opinion there are 2 types of people in this bizniz game Those that sit[...]
The benefits of Vitamin P
as ever sir, I like to keep my Sunday emails short so you can go back to romancing your lady[...]
I know NOTHING about this trump-et thing
you're prolly sick of hearing about the US presidency thing So I'll get right to it.. While everyone else is giving[...]
How to deal with ‘feedback’ like a boss
Just 'tother week, I shared a screenshot over on the olde Flakebook basically MMIC my marketing bizniz hit £1million in[...]
Wizard PT throws intense hissy-fit
Behold ye, the experience of Aaron, a WIZARD of a PT who graduated from 'Un-Caged' last week: (and threw the[...]
Musheez need NOT save this email
hit the SAVE button, my friend This is one you're going to want to look back over.. Probably want to[...]
What boys do when women are away [shock]
So this weekend its just been me and Max, my 5 year old Mrs M and my daughter, Nina are[...]
#1 thing you should do tonight
Not sure what you're up to tonight maybe its X-factor.. maybe you plan on making sweet, sweet love.. Either way...[...]
UB: Infinite Warfare
Something that you may not know about your 'Uncle' Morty... Is that I'm a keen 'gamer'. And whilst the 'mush-cookies'[...]
A Little Game Of Show And Tell
One of the MANY important lessons that I teach my marketing students in MMIC... (Which is CLOSED to new members[...]
Paul Mort: Fat, jittery and exhausted
Just a couple of years ago I was fat, exhausted and damn right MISERABLE Despite have not one, but TWO[...]
“Is it just Warrior Week?”
So I've had a few messages this week about my Life-Changing experience known as "Uncaged" some about price, some about[...]
Are we friends on FB?
You're prolly already aware of this but I ain't a huge fan of the olde Flakebook Despite this... it keeps[...]
Stick these on your phone tonight
Maybe you missed it.. maybe you didn't Either way This week I launched my brand-spanking-new DAILY Podcast "The Daily Diesel"[...]
Lessons from a snotty trumpet
So the last week I've been all 'bunged' up I'll not whine about it anymore, I promise It had me[...]
Shocking Study reveals calling fat people ‘fat’ HELPS them
I gotta admit, amigo... my eyes lit up when I saw the headline---> "GPs urged to be honest with obese[...]
Only A Few Days Left
I don't want to upset you. But at the same time? I want to be honest with you. I've had[...]
“Don’t be scared, homie”
"Don't be scared, homie" <--- a legit quote from UFC Fighter and all round crazy dude Nick Diaz But its[...]
Bad news x2
The bad news? 1- I've still got this lurgy 2- My podcast STILL hasn't been activated on itunes BUT there[...]
Did He Give Me The ‘Lurgy’?
Have you ever had one of those days, where you're ill... And you KNOW you should stay at home. In[...]
Vitamin UB (it’s coming)
Just a quickie today, bromigo (I'm in Twickenham right now, for the NFL) My BRAND-NEW podcast... The Daily Diesel is[...]
I’m going in HARD
I'm going to go in hard here... my November "un-caged' experience is now FULL Zero seats left. None. and unlike[...]
He called me out (and it HURT)
I often get accused of being an azz hole.. Blunt offensive arrogant cocky to the point no BS.. and you[...]
He called me out (and it HURT)
I often get accused of being an azz hole.. Blunt offensive arrogant cocky to the point no BS..and you know,[...]
What to give a f*ck about
Man, if I had a penny for every time some billy big balls on social media said "I don't give[...]
Lenny’s “Good night” Guarantee?
Despite sounding like the catchy slogan of a high class hooker...( not that I'd know anything about those kind of[...]
FB Groups and measuring success
So last week I was asked to be a guest on one of those "Online summit" things... You know where[...]
Behold ye, the experience of Mr Mike Sweeney.. a graduate of Un-Caged 1.0 =============================== “Going into Uncaged I was tired,[...]
Lizzy is BANG ON
"I've never seen any life transformation that didn't begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own[...]
I ALMOST wrote an email about this LIE
So last week I spotted an article on the internet 'bout 2 dudes that broke into the house of of[...]
Paul Mort: Chick Magnet?
Your olde Uncle Mort-face has a confession... I've become some kind of chick magnet Now before you start getting all[...]
Reader and all round good-egg, Guy emails me last week A longer email but I'll break it down for ease[...]
Do you know what day it was yesterday?
"Monday" I hear thee say... Well, yes but it was also "World Mental Health Day" Confession--> I didn't even know[...]
BLATANT sales pitch inside
Dude, I'm gonna keep this short One of the latest sign ups for the 3 day 'mansformation' know as Un-Caged[...]
ANGRY men email and attack me
Case yo' fine self missed it... on Friday I released my first ever MOVIE and while Netflix may not be[...]
My #1 weird hack to STOP quitting and get what you want
Ever have one of those weeks? Where nothing seems to work?Your workouts are shitty... No-ones responding to your marketing.. your[...]
ADVANCED Screening of “UB- The Movie”
I couldn't wait any longer dude, I was going to wait until tonight to show you this Alas, my excitement[...]
Instructions for TONIGHT
Today is the day, comrade The premier of my first every MOVIE it's the story of: "How A Bi-Polar Dad[...]
Is THIS the most powerful skill a man can have?
So yesterday I dropped you a sweet email about all the excuses people give for skipping the gym... Remember? (hit me[...]
cRaZy Fitness Fibbers
So my buddy Joe Warner, Editorial Director at Men's Fitness and IronLife Magazines sent me some cRazy Fitness stats the other[...]
The Coffee that gives you a stiffy?
I don't spend much time on the olde Flakebook these days Which means I don't get to see the bullshit[...]
The Mort-nificent 7
So last week, on my 'free' day (a day I have with no phone, internet etc) I went to see[...]
This will light a FIRE in you
Ross Turner a graduate "Un-caged" #2 sent me this and I have a feeling it'll light a fire in your azz[...]
A MORON with a fcked phone
Man, I'm such a moron Just minutes after sending you this mornings email with my number to text me about "Un-caged"[...]
The ONLY “copycats” that matter
'twas only a matter of time before people started trying to copy "Un-Caged"or where I learnt a lot of my[...]
CRITICAL Lessons from my 36th Birthday
So yer, yesterday was my birthday 36 years old I'm sure I'm supposed to tell some kind of joke here[...]
Me and Anthony Crolla
So this weekend I was privileged to hang out with boxing World Champion Anthony "Million Dollar" Crolla.. just HOURS before[...]
FINED for pooping in public at 6:15am
WARNING: if you have zero sense of humour or don't poop then you may want to skip this one... So I[...]
UB “The Movie” – it’s almost time
Just a short one today, dogglett My first ever movie is almost ready Should have it set up and good[...]
Why So…Serious?
There's a common misconception amongst business owners. Especially FITNESS business owners. And that... Is that you always have to ACT[...]
When marketing DOESN’T matter?
So Tuesday this week I was on the stage again to speak at L.I.W Some big names there... My buddies[...]
You Might Not Want To Read This
WARNING: This email contains a hard-hitting, self-indulgent RANT. If you're easily offended by REAL talk? Look away NOW. "It's OK[...]
Loser PTs calls me a ‘Turd’
So with the opening of "Un-Caged" last week the shit talkers were in full retard modeOne guy in particular seemed[...]
Why people REALLY hire PT’s
If I asked 10 trainers this question… Maybe ONE would come to the correct conclusion. But you know, I’ve only[...]
Invitation: Unstoppable YOU?
and so it begins... The doors are open to my previously 'invite only', 3 day experience known simply as "Un-caged"[...]
Why you SHOULD “Give up”
Last email today, my friend... if you haven't took action yet, well... I guess you're happy with your results So[...]
Bad News
so originally there were 4 spaces left for "Un-caged" but earlier this morning A referral came in from one of[...]
SHOCKING verdict on UK dads
Man, this is pretty shocking to me But there was a study done recently on the amount of time dads[...]
The “DAD GUILT” dilemma
Just rolled a new dude via referral into "UB:Un-Caged" which of course... YOU'LL get the chance to apply for, tomorrow[...]
Homework for tomorrow
Case you've missed it, comrade I'm FINALLY opening up the doors to "Unstoppable Bastards"to just 4 ambitious, hard working men[...]
My BRUTAL opinion on ‘Exclusive’ Programs
You here that word a lot, don't you? "Join my exclusive mentoring program" "Most exclusive PT in the area" and[...]
I got TRAPPED by the pavement shufflers
So this weekend just gone I was TRAPPED inside of my own house No shit See, 'twas the day of[...]
is THIS the #1 KILLER of Success?
I'd like to think I know a fair bit about success AND of course, its nemesis---> failure and... not being[...]
NIGHTMARE next door neighbour
So I had this neighbour, around this time last year before I moved Beachside HUGE pain in the ass a[...]
Full of sh*t
So last night, I was reminded by one of my own coaches that there are only 114 days left this[...]
Ever wondered how?
"How do I get in to your events and PRIVATE coaching program?" A question that's been asked A LOT recently... by[...]
Moronic Badge of Honour?
Got an email from a well know sales gooroo last week I actually like the guy and his content is[...]
Curious Case of the “Professional Zombie”
While back, Uncle Morty heard something on the radio that blew his mind Was about a French office worker who[...]
Online PT’s transform their Biz
So before I crack on with todays email.. I want to get a quick but CRITICAL point across marketing OFFLINE[...]
2 weeks on Tuesday [See you there?]
Just a quick one tonight, amigo But its one that may get you exited...See, last week it was confirmed that[...]
Part deux: How to choose a mentor
go ye below and taketh in the following: ========================================= "prac·tice: noun: (1) the actual application or use of an idea,[...]
What PT Laurie knows that you might now
Got this here message in the olde Members Only forum yesterday: "UPDATE: 1 month and a bit of FB ads...[...]
If Mcgregor was a Personal Trainer?
Okay, I admit it... I'm a bit of a Connor Mcgregor fan boy He's a tough son of a bitch[...]
I’ll Get Hate Mail For This…
At the end of this message I'm going to invite you to opt out of receiving my emails anymore.. There's[...]
“Squad Goals”?
I gotta admit, dogglet... Uncle Morty LOVES this 'new' kinda superhero movie Where there's a bit of an edge, a[...]
Mr Fuss-Pott and his Plastic Bag
On my travels to the US a few weeks back.. I was heading to the security checkpoint at my local[...]
a CONTROVERSIAL way to keep clients longer
WARNING: this is VERY unconventional But it WORKS. Period. Retention is a subject that should be kinda important to you[...]
How to choose a Bizniz Mentor that ISN’T me
So saying as I don't do 1-1 coaching anymore (MMIC is the closest thing to it) I get asked quite[...]
She’ll be with you next week
So the August's Marketing Muscle newsletter is now with my printers and ready to ship... and when you invest today,[...]
UFC 202 for Personal Trainers
Wether you're a fight fan or not, this email will help you're cute azz One of the best fights I've[...]
14 New Clients for Deano
Behold ye an email from MMIC insider Dean McMenamin: ==================================== "Your Guinea Pig Trial method has resulted in getting me[...]
If Gordon Ramsey was a Personal Trainer
Case ya didn't know, hotlips Uncle Morty loves a bit of Gordon Ramsey I love all of his shows.. specially[...]
Personal Training Vs Bootcamp (epic battle)
Back in my younger, more aggresive days I used to get involved in some EPIC battles... With PT's about my[...]
Ramseys Fitness Nightmares
Whilst channel hopping last night…. I stumbled across an episode of “Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares” I like Ramsey actually. Passionate dood.[...]
“Can you send me more info?”
Man, if I had a penny for every person that asked me that You know the rest... EASLIY the most[...]
[part 3] Tales of the former phat dude
Here it is... the last instalment of "How Uncle Morty got super sexy" Like I've said before, chico... I ain't[...]
How I got Shexay [Part 2] In my best Jack Bauer voice "previously on Uncle Mortys fat files"---> I got fat. I decided I'd had[...]
I’ve NEVER done this before
Behold ye my '3 part email' virginity being stolen See, your Dirty Uncle Morty has dropped 3 stones of lard[...]
Bullet Proof horse-shizz
So my buddy has just started drinking this "Bullet Proof Coffee" you know, that crazy ass thing where you add[...]
I QUIT [Facebook]
I rarely post those 'essay' things on the old Flakebook you know the ones-- usually about 'loving who you are'[...]
They all laughed at me when I told them
I have an office and my own private gym in whats called ‘managed workspace’ basically, a site where a bunch[...]
If George Clooney was a Personal Trainer
I ain't a giant fan of 'Gorgeous' George Clooney (although his nespresso ads are cool But I recently read a[...]
Spinning kick in the testimonials
As if my melon isn't big enough already. Behold ye an email I got from MMIC member Tim Raybould earlier[...]
The Hurricane
  One of my favourite movies of all time is "The Hurricane" starring Denzel Washington <-- total bad-ass, BTW Tiz[...]
Spitting fire at a room full of PT’s
  I did something pretty rare at the weekend----> Spoke at an event outside of my own See, I tend[...]
Dan from the Diamond Minecart
This may indeed blow your mind, muchacho Saturday saw me and my 5 year old son, Max... sitting in a[...]
25 Minutes of Mort
Ever wondered what my TRUE feelings about being a self employed MAN in todays world? Check out this video:[...]
Take this fitness bizniz test
got an email from a dude called Gulliver Giles last week Twas a test that told you about all the[...]
Email from a Sceptical PT
Sceptical PT Anthony Dexmier uses MMIC to earn more money and have more time off.. Looky here: "Most online marketers[...]
Dumb-Nut Personal Trainer attacks me
I have a LOT of love for PT's after all, your Uncle Mort-dogg was one for a good 12 years[...]
The worlds WORST massage?
Truth be told... Uncle Morty loves a good massage Deep tissue, sports, swedish, Thai.. I like em all (Get your[...]
Bacon flavoured boxing gloves
So I won my first boxing match Even got a big old belt to wear around my waist Man, it[...]
Lessons from the Nightcrawler
In case you didn't know... Last week I was really sick with Gastroenteritis Spent a ton of time either bent[...]
Meet me in Edinburgh?
Just a quickie today Next weekend, I'm presenting at the Lift the Bar conference in EdinburghThe line-up is pretty damn[...]
He’s talking A LOT of smack about me
So tonights the night... Even though I've had gastroenteritis and not done ANYTHING since last friday I AM going to[...]
This ain't one of those 'drama queen' posts, chico So don't worry But all being well (I've had gastroenteritis since[...]
The ONLY way to shut me up
EVERYONE knows that I'm an opinionated asshole that aint a secrect, chachi or is it in doubt I mean... these[...]
He Nearly Killed Me
So in yesterday's email... I happened to mention that I was in a car accident a few years back. And[...]
SOS: We’re Under Attack
  Just a quick one today, chachi. 'Castle Mort' is currently under attack... From a particularly nasty stomach bug. So[...]
How to kill Facebook trolls
Case you hadn't noticed.. I run a fair few paid ads over on the old FlakebookChances are, that's how you[...]
“Are you okay?”
Man, I just tuned in to my emails after 3 days delivering the world class experience for modern business owners:[...]
Whiny Cheapskate Magnet
Since you specifically asked to be on this "Yup-I-wanna-make-more-money-and-crush-my- competition" List... Got a ton more questions about the Inner Circle[...]
“You must be NuTz”
So we're just 10 days out from my first ever boxing match I would say I'm excited, but I'd be[...]
I don’t give a damn BUT it makes a great email
The "Brexit" Honestly, I don't follow politics at allThere's so much bullshit and lies flying around that I just ignore[...]
My last EVER podcast
late last year I ran my last ever FREE Paul Mort podcast (between me and thee, I MAY start another--[...]
Would you eat deep fried bulls BALLS?
I have this WeIrEd thing going on right now, amigo.... See, I'm dropping some serious lard right now training for[...]
I'll get right to it, my dogglet If you want to learn how to SELL, I mean REALLY sellWether thats[...]
NHS gym memberships. yay or nay?
So the NHS here in England are now handing out free gym memberships in a bid to combat obesity and[...]
THAT ‘breastfeeding boyfriend’ email
Here it is, thunderlips the one you've been waiting for (or not) The email about the lady that quit her[...]
Email from Paul [and an admission]
  So i gets this email from MMIC insider Paul Schmid last week =========================================="I have to be honest, I was[...]
Sh*ts, Giggles and More PT Clients
"People buy more and buy more happily when in good humour" Dan Kennedy ^^ Heard of Mr Kennedy? Well, he's[...]
MMIC Free Trial
Behold ye an inside peek into MMIC Not literally a trial, that ain't really my thing but a 'beyond the[...]
would you SACK a PT client?
Few years back now… I got ‘shot at’ by a few guys in the fitness industry who, lets just say[...]
How to build a GIANT group training biz
in case you didn't know... Back in the day, Uncle Mort-dizzle build a BIG group training bizniz Like 4 countries,[...]
The ultimate Cinderella story?
You know your Uncle Mort-face loves his football... REAL football, not the one with helmets and shoulder pads although there[...]
What happened to Ruth
  Got a message over on the MMIC members only forum last week from bad-ass chick, Ruth Hinds She writes:=================================[...]
007’s USELESS gadget-fest
At the weekend, me and Mrs M had a night in front of the TV (the mush cookies will be[...]
Unicorn blood on my hands
I’m ‘known’ for telling it like it is Some people love it A LOT OF people hate it today’s email[...]
It’s OK
Little bit of a throwback today to the most watched Episode of UBTV "The Pit" See, I have to keep[...]
Bizniz lessons from Prince Naseem
Yup- its a boxing email--> get used to it, babycakes My fight is only 4 weeks away....and i gotta say,[...]
It’s a good day for a sales pitch
I ain't gonna apologise, breadbin After yesterdays email about selling...I wanted to remind ya that its my DUTY to 'sell'[...]
“Paul Mort is unethical”
A while back a guy over in Ireland was apparently talking smack about your Old Uncle Morty I don't remember[...]
99% of fitness mentors need not apply
So like any smart biz owner... I have a coach... actually, I have 3 (more on those later) Last week,[...]
The man with 30 RUBBER girlfriends
No, amigo... your eyes aren't deceiving you There is a gentleman who does indeed live with 30+ rubber girlfriends and[...]
Training with a semi-boner
<<^^Thats exactly what happened to me on Wednesday in Bury, near Manchester See, I'm training for my first boxing fight[...]
Steal this from Porsche
Hot daaaaang amigo, a Porsche dealer in the states recently did some marketing that really blew my mind. It was[...]
Mortys man-crush speaks out
I ain't to 'manly' to admit that I do have a few man-crushed mostly footballers.. or soccer players for my american[...]
“Dear fat people”
I promised to share with you my opinion on 'fat shaming' So I will, and I have an example too...[...]
How I got 12 new clients in just one day
Last December I had one of my best days in bizniz I had a £36k day... Yup, 36 grand in[...]
bIzZaRe Restaurant, crazy roolz
Those Japanese dudes do some crazy shit... If you've ever seen any of their TV shows, you'll know exactly what[...]
It doesn’t get more blatant than this
This months BRAND NEW inner circle hard copy newsletter goes to print today and honestly, I think its my best[...]
What the goorooz don’t tell you
So last week I was interviewed by my dude Erik Rokeach He's UBER smart and actually put together a bunch[...]
Opinions. We're drowning in them right? Seems every fucker has one especially in those free flakebook groups where everyone is[...]
My WORST PT clients
As ya know, dogglet... Uncle Morty has actually built succesfull fitness bizniz's in the pastmainly with my outdoor group training..[...]
So Axl got fat, huh?
Saw an interesting article last week... Lead singer of Guns n' Roses, Axl Rose has kicked off with Google basically[...]
This is shocking too
So yesterday I showed you the BRUTAL truth that in 70% of PT's will QUIT and give up the industry[...]
The sad state of 70% of the Fitness Industry
Inner circle member, Sarah Heffernan sent me a SHOCKING stat last week about the state of the PT profession.. It[...]
3 things to do when you’re NOT making sales
Most of my emails are about how to get more clients and maketh more bacon Advice, tips and mindset hacks[...]
THAT time of the month
Blatant pitch time.. I aint one to send blatant pitches... Mainly cuz I like to help and entertain rather than[...]
Whats the point in this?
Uncle Morty used to be a life guard at the local pool like a young, better looking Hasslehoff When I[...]
James and his giant balls
Had some real fun crafting that subject line, i tell thee Anyhoo... another day, another message from an MMIC subscriber[...]
Email from Darren
Got an email from MMIC member Darren (he's a bit shy so won't mention his surname) "If you didnt know,[...]
When to REJECT clients
kinda kicking myself today, chico See, a few weeks back a guy hits me up on Flakebook Really nice fella.. [...]
PT clients for gym based trainers
So here's the deal, bro-chacho: Marketing is marketing, selling is selling That meaneth---> the gold I drop is these here[...]
Are we friends on Facebook?
Not sure how I feel about that "Flakebook timehop" feature On one hand, I look back on the things I[...]
Are Before and Afters a scam?
Is it just me or are Before and After photos losing some power? Yep- I know most of them are[...]
No Pirlo. No Party.
With the European Championships just around the corner I was intrigued to see that one of the best (and coolest)[...]
My UNFILTERED opinion on Juice Plus
Lets get this out of the way: Anyone with ANY knowledge of Nutriton knows that Juice Plus is crap From[...]
Am I cRaZy?
I've been keeping this on the 'down-low'... but on the 7th of August I'm having a fully blown boxing match[...]
Riding Dragons, Bare-back for profitz
Apparently if you want to be successful, you don't watch TV (according to mush cookies and 1-dimensional-douchebags anyway) which personally,[...]
The End.
It's been a total blast and I've loved every minute but its now come to The End. the FINAL episode[...]
Marketing lessons from rainy bank holidays
I'm writing this email 'live' today See, I normally pre-write all of my emails but it was my daughters 3rd[...]
The #1 way to crush cheap PT’s?
Ever had a girlfriend or client that was like SUPER needy? Like always wanting your attention and seeking your approval for[...]
This is PATHETIC [angry rant]
honestly, I fear for the kids of today... I think we could be raising a bunch of wimps and losers..[...]
Why People REALLY hire PT’s (it’s not what you think)
If I asked 10 trainers this question... Maybe ONE would come to the correct conclusion. But you know, I've only[...]
Do this ONE thing and get a NEW client today
In my 15 years in the fitness industry (yep, I know i dont look that old) The most common think[...]
2 killer ways to KILL procrastination
Everyone has days where they feel shitty, right? Don't they? When you just can't be arsed You feel lazy You[...]
“Are you still training people?”
Was at a kids birthday party yesterday with the family.. and a lady asked me a question I hadn't heard[...]
Episode #18 [the man that saved my life]
short one from me today, amigo Just back from a kids party Me, bouncy castles and 30 kids aren't a[...]
The flyer nerds guide to getting new clients
QUESTION: How do you know you're a marketing NERD? You pick up and actually READ flyers from local councillors despite[...]
How GREAT Personal trainers and fitness dudes go broke
Lets face it chico, most personal trainers are struggling. and it's their own fault. Lemme 'splaineth: In our country... which[...]
I screwed up :-[
an apology from me.... no excuses I sent you an email earlier that was supposed to go to MMIC members[...]
Important Announcement for MMIC members
What a crappy subject line... the content of this email though? I think you'll dig it See, I'm COMMITTED as[...]
4 Reasons you should UNSUBSCRIBE from my emails TODAY
At the end of this message I’m going to invite you to opt out of receiving my emails anymore.. “I[...]
Low class, Jack-ass FB Fitness Marketers
Opened up the old Flakebook to this private message last week: "Hi Paul, How is your fitness business going right[...]
3 ways PT’s can compete with Pure Gym and other budget gyms
So was sitting watching the footie on Sunday afternoonYep, I know right... Mush cookies don't watch TV... to busy manifesting[...]
“Email doesn’t work for high-end” ppfffft
Had another message that kinda pissed me off yesterday. Although I admire how forward this lady is (ain't no-one got[...]
Revealed: Uncle Morty’s COUGAR secret crush…
I confess: I have a bit of a crush on Nigella Lawson Yup, the celebrity chef.. She's normally all over[...]
36 PROVEN Ways To Get More Personal Training Clients
Oh… so you want more fitness clients? I get it dude. This fitness game can be RUTHLESS at times and[...]
Paul Mort-EXPOSED as a liar
Ever been slapped across the face.. just by something you read? Man, it happened to me yesterday when studying a[...]
That fat bloke from the office
Remember the TV show 'The Office'? Kinda classic now.. Well, when I first saw it.. I didn't really 'get it'[...]
This is INSANE, even I’m shocked
Behold ye a post in the MMIC forum on Monday" ====================="My name is Nikki and I have struggling with bringing[...]
No, I have not shat my pants” [almost QUIT though][
in case ya didn't knoweth, squire I bust my knee back in August then had surgery in November It would[...]
My Controversial and ‘kinda’ famous annual Fitness Industry Predictions for 2016
Here we go again, muchacho My 'famous' (well, not really) yearly predictions for the fitness industry and I hate to[...]
Dear Mrs Blunderbuss…. (Canon Fodder)
"I was on the train today and overheard some people talking and chuckling about some awful sounding arrogant nut job[...]
Biz Jizz Lessons From Keith Lemon
Yup, you read that right ^^^ That dirty bugger with the ginger hair from Celebrity Juice is a GREAT source[...]
Snowflake bait (BRUTAL honesty)
This will probably upset a fair few snowflakes. It's as real as it gets. Fuck.. it's upset myself a little[...]
Her flyers SUCK (Labour Lady)
How do you know you're a marketing NERD? You pick up and actually READ flyers from local councillors despite having[...]
(IIFTY) If It Fits Your Twat-ros… bro
Talking to on old PT buddy of mine in the gym on Weds <---- yup you read correct... Uncle Morty,[...]
All Hail “BrewDog”
Only saw this one this morning but my happy bone twitched so much when I saw it That I just[...]
No Wonder They Go To Weight Watchers (fit-tarded)
WARNING: You may find yourself falling a little bit in love with me after reading this Sooo.... last week and my[...]
It’s okay
The goorooz and their fanboyz will hate this. It'll ruffle their feathers a little. But hey, someones gotta be the[...]
Have you lost weight?
Was in the gym last night... yer, ya read that right, chico. Still hated it mind.. the guys who shave[...]
They’re wrong
Been working on my presentations for BodyPower Expo next month.. In between my excitement at getting to compare 'gunz' with[...]
So I gave him some Dick-Head repellent
Just got a Flakebook message from my man Jon Sheridan a great PT down in Herts (I'll share it with[...]
“Just like Ben, but cheaper”
Was chatting yesterday about trainers who for some redonkulously stupid reason.... Like to market themselves as 'Cheapest/most affordable in town'[...]
Yup, I still HATE it (sorry PT’s)
WARNING: if Bear with my whining for a minute, it'll be worth it.. Honest. Been back training this week after a[...]
Almost Suffocated by a pair of 8oobs
Couple o' weeks ago I was in London on a course where the creator of 'Coffee Republic' was a speaker..[...]
Morning Glory (no boner)
Not talking about waking up in a 'tent' and having to do a handstand to take a leak first thing upon waking...[...]
They’re changing the rules..(again)
MMIC member Liam Thompson and my 'go to' website guy.. Sent me this article yesterday about Facebook. So what?[...]
Hope you’re okay…
Are you ok? Noticed a lot of my comrades are struggling right now... Serious shit. Down in ye old dumps.[...]
Cocaine, Bacon and Giant Breasticles
Cocaine, bacon and giant breascticles If you haven't seen Wolf of Wall Street, you're missing a doozy of a movie..[...]
So much better than the ‘dial tones’
Got this email from a reader last week: "I just wanted to tell you your emails are the most entertaining[...]
My Autobiography (138Tips)
Been promising this doozy for a little while. It's a big list of things I've learnt since I had my[...]
Potty Training For Personal Trainers
Just back from first session with my new shrink. spent the WHOLE morning worrying about it. See, its MEGA uncomfortable. He[...]
Looking for PT.. found obituary
Last week in a guest article I wrote I made one of my 'Blunt Statements' Not like me eh, cupcake?[...]
Where for art thou… Zumba?
2 1/2 years ago when I moved to Marbella Zumba was all over. Every gym, every church hall, every community[...]
The ‘Ping-Pong show’ (don’t tell my wife)
This is EXACTLY what you think it is, babycakes. FILTH, mixed with a large biz'niz lesson and 14 free workouts[...]
Caught Red Handed (copy and paste Pirate)
Yesterday I was made aware that some dirrty pirate had been copy and pasting my emails, word for word and passing them[...]
How to get your emails opened (11%>26%)
'Lady who shall not be named...YET" Dropped me an email this morning.. "Open rate jumped from 11%.. 26% after taking[...]
Duck Quacks Don’t Echo? (hangout)
^^What a subject line right?^^ I have absolutely no idea wether ducks quacks echo or not, F.Y.I "Duck Quacks Dont[...]
Fitness Biz’niz the Witch Hunter Way.
So last night I watched a movie based on a classic 'tale'<< Is it weird that I find that word funny? Twas[...]
Not for the special little flowers (reality)
Was organising a 1 day consult in my South Shields office for MMIC insider 'Irish James' yesterday... He'd just realised[...]
The wEiRed Side Effect of Being Awesome
Go an interesting email from reader Antony this morning (wussup Antony) "Absolutely brilliant Paul, you have a bite from me.[...]
Uncle Morty Vs…. Prezident Obama
Don't get it twisted, babycakes... I ain't gonna start talking about gun laws, or healthcare. Although I do believe trolls[...]
Man Sized Buttons (not for girls)
Had a movie night with the wife last week well, actually we watched an episode of 'The Musketeers' Check that[...]
How to get DUMPED (dudes and chicks)
Click here to subscribe to have me 'in your box' daily Disclaimer: Uncle Morty may be an absolute fountain of[...]
Last night at Heston Blumenthals (and chavs)
Click here to subscribe to my mailing list Your Uncle Morty of South Shields ate at Heston Blumenthals restaurant 'Dinner'[...]
18 new clients on 12 month contracts (must be nice)
Message from Marketing Muscle Insider Carolyne McDougall reads: "I've had the best month ever all done by daily email.. I[...]
How to get booked for speaking Gigs..
Great question for Subscriber Kevin Yates: Click here to subscribe to my mailing list "Hey, on your last podcast you[...]
Profiting from Piss Taking…
Click here to subscribe to my mailing list MMIC member Mark Raynsford from asked me this yesterday: 'Dude, do[...]
BMW made my balls tingle (steal this)
This is the kinda marketing that makes my balls tingle. My 'twitter buddy' Adam Gethin went to check out a[...]
“You’re meant to suck, not blow..”
is a line from a scruffy joke. But also sits well with this email. Click here to subscribe to my[...]
Ever Had Client Like This?
Click here to subscribe to my mailing list That turns up to sessions late, or just when they want.. That[...]
I made Dean’s testicles grow (true story)
Wooozaz, yesterdays email certainly caused a storm, babycakes. Click here to subscribe to my mailing list I did, as predicted,[...]
Why I’m Still Fat….
Click here to subscribe to my mailing list Over the last couple of years, my body has gotten progressively chunkier[...]
Jack Reacher, my ego and bacon sandwhich
Click here to subscribe to my mailing list Read a DOOZY of a statement this week from one of my[...]
How she did it…. (37 clients in 24 hours)
In December I closed my 1-1 coaching program down. (mainly to focus on MMIC) But one of my very last[...]
I love the smell of ‘less’ in the morning..
Click here to subscribe to my mailing list Was talking to one of my old coaching clients, Chris Brown yesterday.[...]
Why you SHOULDN’T listen to your uncle Morty
You probably wont do this... In fact, I KNOW you won't cuz the truth will hurt your feelings and make[...]
Giving ‘Desperate’ The Middle Finger…
If I had a personal flakebook account I'd imagine it'll be full of 'Sell, sell, sell' right now... Maybe a[...]
BONUS Podcast With Paul Mort
BONUS EPISODE with Me, Paul Mort... Click here to subscribe to my mailing list I'll show you why I'm concerned[...]
How To Deal With Criticism.. Like a BOSS
Might get a few of the more sensitive snowflakes unsubscribing after this one.. But if you have people talking trash[...]
Fitness Biz’Niz Panic Stations?
Seeing a lot of Personal Trainers and Bootcamp owners panicking right about now.... Special offers, discounts, price cuts and all[...]
The IRRESISTIBLE Personal Trainer
Mind out of the gutter, babycakes. For a second anyhoo. In a world where trainers are almost begging for clients[...]
Knee Deep In LightBulbs (no more clients?)
At my last private mastermind in Marbella and the 'marketing makeover' event last weekend I was surrounded by the sound[...]
5 Super Simple Ways to Get Started With ‘Email Lists’
Been promising this for a while eh dood? Though I'd finally get it down in a mail for ya... See,[...]
The Tao of a Manic-Depressive Nut Job
I suffer from this ting called cyclothymia.. Its kinda like bipolar 'cept I dont get into mountains of debt or do too[...]
I’m Obsessed with Your Inbox… Weird?
You know I'm head over heels in love with this email lark right brew? Seriously, the results since I 'plugged[...]
Some of THE most ridiculous advice I’ve heard
You ever heard advice so bad that it kinda made you angry? I read some last week that almost made[...]
7 Bad-Ass Tips To Get More Shit Done
Dood.. think I've read every book on productivity going. No shit. I've came to the conclusion I'd rather do 10001[...]
The Art of Being Anti-Professional
Was talking to someone about my Podcast the other day.. Dude was sayin that my 'logo' could potentially put people[...]
She’s Threatening to have my site shut down..
I've been being stalked by a woman from a cleaning company. She's sent me a few emails now, threatening to have[...]
Will I Be the Fattest One There?
Man, I've lost count of the number of emails I've had saying that. gets kinda irratating right brew? But its[...]
How Do I find you?
On friday my bi'niz partner and secret weapon behind Lean Greens hitting quarter of a million pounds on 8 months, Tim Goodwin.[...]
My Evil Plan To Steal All Of Your Clients….
Just left a room of 100 pissed off fitness professionals. I'll get to why they're so pissed off in a[...]
You’re a lycra wearing lettuce lover?
So I asked a question at an event I was at last week with a bunch of non fitness people...[...]
About that Shiny Object Thing…
The Shiny Object Ting Had to layeth down the smacketh on a few of my mentoring students yesterday. and its[...]