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[Paul Mort] “Is it in yet?”

February 5, 2018

Get your mind out of the gutter, hombre…

I meant is March 1st 8pm in your diary yet?

Because thats the date and time of my last EVER Fitness Marketing Masterclass

So yeh, it’s kinda important you’re there

See, you’ll get to find out some of the most powerful client attraction strategies I’ve figured out
after 15 years of being in the fitness industry and helping almost 1000 PT’s

Such as:


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*”Raving Fans” and the Simple, but Powerful Steps to Creating HUGE Following AND Profiting From It

* How a Struggling PT Created a £16k per Month Fitness Business with These Simple but Powerful Marketing Strategies

*Leigh 4 x’d His Income In and DRASTICALLY Increased his Confidence Without Sacrificing Time with His Girlfriend and I’ll show You How

*The 1 Thing I WISH I’d Know When I First Started My Fitness Business That Could Save You Thousands of Pounds

*Discover the insider secrets of Sme of the most successful PT’s in the fitness industry (I’ve coached most of them)

*How I’ve Personally Generated Almost £2 Million in the Fitness Industry With These 3 Very Simple Rules

*What Nick Mitchell, Jean-Claude Vacassin, Ben Coomber, Chris Burgess, and Phil Learney all Know That Could Be KILLING Your Success

*How Christian Grew His Group Training Program From 3 clients to 60 WITHOUT Sacrificing More Time

*Why Marketing is a Waste of Time and Money UNLESS You Have This ONE thing in Place

and of course, you’ll also get to find out just WHY this will be the FINAL Fitness Business Masterclass I ever do

All you have to do?

show up.

and yep, I know you may ‘have clients’

but the tips, strategies and tactics i’ll share with you will be WELL WORTH you moving a few things around for

So I invited you to

“STICK IT IN” [matron]

Here’s that link in case you missed it:


Paul ‘pervy’ Mort

PS- Like I said, if my emails annoy you

you’re an AWFUL fit for this training

so click the ‘unsubscribe’ link below and I’ll let someone else have the strategies

You better just hope it ain’t your competition 

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