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Paul Mort: Summoned to court for taking a dump

January 28, 2017

back when I was a ‘wet behind the ears’ PT

I used to run this 6:15am group training session here in South Shields

Same routine before going every morning

Get up, drink a coffee, take a dump

But I remember one morning after a heavy weekend partying
(those days are LONG gone)

I hit the snooze button on the old iphone

My routine changed


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I got up, grabbed a coffee, drank it in the car on the way to the class

Bleary eyed, we started the warm up and mobilization part


The poop monster decided to wake up and ROAAARR

2 minutes later, I’m demoing a lateral lunge…

and touching cloth at the same time (nice image huh?)

So I’m in this big quandry

I’m teaching a session

I live 5 mins away

and I HAVE TO, like MUST take a dump

Now, luckily for me… there’s a public toilet just around the corner


NOPE. the fuckers locked.

at this point, I’m sweating, getting cramps in my stomach

and I have a mars bar growing from my but

What do I do?

Warning: HORRFYING image coming up—>

I drop my drawers, settle into a squat

I take a shit on the ground… right next to the public toilet

I mean, what else was I supposed to do? drop it in my undercrackers?

Don’t worry- it got scooped up, with a leaflet and put in the bin

FINALLY- went back to teaching the class

But just a few days later

In the post- I receive a SUMNMONS to go to court


SHIT… (pardon the pun)

apparently dropping your load in public is illegal

I got away with a fine and a warning

and am FOREVER reminded that hitting the snooze button


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PS- Got some un-solicited ‘advice’ yesterday..

So Watch out for my email response

in the meantime—>

I’ll see you in March, won’t I?

Don’t forget…

if you’re offended by

A- HONESTY (which in this industry is as rare as hens teeth)


B- Talk of poop (everyone does it, you know)

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