This is PATHETIC [angry rant] - The Paul Mort Podcast

This is PATHETIC [angry rant]

May 27, 2016

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honestly, I fear for the kids of today…

I think we could be raising a bunch of wimps and losers..

Case in point?

A headline that was all over the news the other week:

“Primary school children forced to sign ‘ludicrous’ contracts banning fouls and ball-hogging in playground football”

So this school up in Scotland created a 17 rule ‘agreement’ that banned things like ball-hogging, gloating and TACKLING

Politcal correctness gone MENTAL, in my honest (and correct) opinion

it also turns out that in kids football these days…

They don’t even keep SCORE

WTF, right?


Competition is HEALTHY

It makes you want to be better

it keeps you on your toes and sharp

it teaches you how LOSING feels and how WINNING feels

I’m getting fired up writing this

Competition is a REALITY check

“Scores” tell you where you’re at

In bizniz the NUMBERS NEVER ever lie…

You’re either WINNING


and losing is just a sign you NEED TO GET BETTER

not an excuse to piss and moan

and in the game of running your own bizniz

the number with the £ or $ sign in front of it is the ONLY number that matters
(‘cept your free time, too)

NOT your followers, not your likes or how many people in your Flakebook group

and if you’re not happy with where that is right now?

well- its a SURE fire sign you need to get BETTER

* at communicating your message
* and at SELLING

and wether you like it or not, if you DON’T get better

you can’t expect your numbers to get better

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Paul ‘keeping score’ Mort

PS- What do you think about these rules?


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