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Do this ONE thing and get a NEW client today

May 25, 2016

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In my 15 years in the fitness industry (yep, I know i dont look that old)

The most common think I hear is “I need more clients”

I get it dude.

and there are HUNDREDS of ways to make it happen…

In fact- there are 37 of them here

Thing is…

A lot of them take a bit of time to set up

a bit of patience

and often, you just want something you can do RIGHT NOW..

So here’s a tip..

that if you implement it.. could nab you a new client TODAY

and its something thats actually MISSING form most peoples marketing

something that if it IS missing…

actually gives your prospects PERMISSION to procrastinate

they put off singing up with you

they’ll ‘get back to you’

Want to know what it is, hombre?


Here it is:


Yep- its that simple

adding simple ‘urgency’ to your marketing KILLS procrastination

Don’t get it twisted, chico..

this isn’t PRESSURE and it has to be GENUINE

limiting numbers, having a cut off date,
having a price increase…all genuine

all create urgency

and presented in the right way

Will add some serious bacon to your sammich

Like my dude and MMIC insider Ben Renshaw who posted this in the members-only support forum after watching May’s Private Teleclass:

“Watched the recording of this yesterday.

Made a few notes of points I wanted to work on. Had someone sign up to the trial week this morning (which isn’t happening for another 2.5 weeks) gave them the option to by in straight away and start tomorrow morning.

They signed up, I’ve got a new member, nice and simple. Thanks for that point”

It’s as simple as this in MMIC:

Tune in to my advice
make notes
take action

get paid

Join Ben and the 200+ other members here and get access to this training INSTANTLY:

Paul ‘urgency’ Mort

PS- When you join today.. you’ll get instant access to the “How i nabbed 18 clients in 3 days”

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OR just keep doing what you’re doing and hoping shit will change

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