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One Thing You Can Learn From Copy-Cats

December 12, 2013

Ever had some-one just rock up and straight
up copy what you’re doing?

Like blatantly ‘steal’ your idea?

First up, congrats… means you’re doing
summat right amigo.

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”

and all that other shit.

None of those quotes make you feel any better
do they?

Man, I musta had this happen HUNDREDS of

I started a bootcamp. We had doods copy.

Started my 19 get lean project- suddenly
everyones offering a ‘Facebook based’ online

Start seeing massive success with Lean

we have people trying to ‘copy us’ too.

***Now, don’t get me wrong.***

I’m COOL with this

I wish these people the best of luck.

I’m too busy doing epic shit to worry about what
these girls and guys are up to.

But man… an original idea would be nice

and just blindly copying someone elses ideaimages
without knowing the inner working of the

Is kinda like saying ‘I don’t have the
ability to think for myself’

Anyhoo chico, theres ONE THING we can learn
from they copy cats…

and its important if, you too….

find this happening to ya on a regular basis

and something you may or may not have

They’re ALWAYS CHEAPER than you.


NEVER more expensive.

ALWAYS ‘more affordable’ <<< (nodding your head?)

What does that mean to you?

It’s like this–

They’re kinda ‘admitting’ they’re just a
cheaper version of you.

They’re admitting they aren’t as good as

and that they can’t offer as much value.

Sure, they’ll make a few quid.

But… chances are..

they’ll just attract the cheapskates that you
don’t want to work with.

Cuz they’re ALWAYS the biggest pain in the
ass right?

Really, we should be THANKING the copy cats.

They’re doing you a favour.

They’re making people more aware of prodcuts
and services like yours

and they’re AUTOMATICALLY positioning YOU as
the premium…

and consequently BEST option.

Which, lemme tell you babycakes..

is the greatest place you could EVER be in
your market.

^^^^ super important^^^^

After all…

who wants to be Primark when you can be

Paul ‘Devil in Prada Heels’ Mort

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in the last week

One with the guy that put together the most
comprehensive research tool on supplements..

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