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One Sentence that rules them all…

December 7, 2017

Is it just me?

Or do you get REALLY unfomfortable talking about nutrition in a social environment

Seems to be the one subject that everyone has an opinion on right?

even when they have zero experience or qualifications?

I actually used to avoid going to social occasions with certain people In my town..

cuz I know they’d ask those stupid questions

“Can I eat this?”

“How come you’re eating that?”

“I read that this blah blah”

“I just started this (random meal replacement shake) diet”

There’s nothing wrong with these people, normally they’re nice enough

I just HATE getting into that discussion you can’t really win and its uncomfortable all round..

I’m gonna show you how to WIN in this situation in a minute

See, This weekend I had the same thing with biz’niz

Everyones an expert right?

Friends, parents… people that don’t actually run companies

All experts though?

and they all love to give their opinion

Anyhoo… I was at an event a little while back and got talking to a fella

This guy was a great laugh

Really nice guy

But he was trying to tell me that daily email was too much

and that I should just send a weekly newsletter, it was “what all the companies did”

Now normally, I’d just quietly and smile

But inside I’d be thinking

“This fella hasn’t got a clue what he’s talking about but I REALLY can’t be arsed to get into a debate”

But I gotta JEDI like sentence up my sleeve now

One that will end the conversation so you can talk about something else

And that doesn’t make anyone feel uncomfortable

well.. not you anyway

It’s super simple dood

6 words

“How is that working for you?”


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With a one word follow up:


and a little smile

Try it dood

See what happens

With the glut of social occasions coming up…

you can pull this out

and talk about the weather, n things of that nature..

that ‘normal’ people talk about

Paul ‘Hows that working for you’ Mort

PS- Our friends reply:

“Oh I don’t do it, I work in an office.. I’m just saying”

Everyones an expert eh?

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