Old Men With Giant Schlongs?

June 10, 2017

On Thursday, I announced on Flakebook that I had NO plans to vote

And as a result?

I caught a LOT of ‘flack’

(From people that WEREN’T asked for their opinions)

Then, yesterday morning, I woke up to the news that we now have a ‘hung’ parliament…

And again, people on social media are losing their minds


I prefer not to get involved

Like I said the other day…

I know f*ck all about politics

And if the government has been overrun by old men with giant d*cks?

So be it


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(Bit strange, though)

You see, amigo…

I run my own business

And I’m in FULL control of my income

That’s why, no matter who is in government…

Or how intimidating their wrinky old pen*ses are?

I’ll be OK

And so will my family

Paul ‘Hung Daddy’ Mort

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