It’s Not A Wise Strategy

September 26, 2017

As you know, amigo…

I’m a HUGE fan of the ‘bootcamp’ business model

In fact, I think pretty much EVERY personal trainer should run a bootcamp

(The earning potential is ENORMOUS)

Unfortunately, not all personal trainers agree


They’d rather work indoors, surrounded by chrome dumbbells and full length mirrors

The problem?

These personal trainers don’t have the money to buy their own chrome dumbbells and full length mirrors…

And so they end up paying ‘gym rent’ to someone that does

(Essentially building their business inside someone else’s business)

Which ISN’T a wise long-term strategy

Luckily for YOU, mon ami…

This is something that I cover in my ‘Marketing Muscle Inner Circle’:

Once inside?

I’ll show you how to:


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1.) Launch your first bootcamp

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Paul ‘Strategic’ Mort

PS – If paying ‘gym rent’ is more your thing…

And you DON’T want to figure out a better long-term strategy?

You’d be a terrible fit for MMIC

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