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No More Stories (The End?)

January 10, 2018

As you know, I’m BIG on bootcamps

In fact, my success with bootcamps is how I became ‘famous’ in the fitness industry

For many years?

I was known as ‘The Bootcamp King’

A title which, to this day, still makes me cringe


Dodgy titles aside?

The bootcamp business model is a PHENOMENAL way to make money

(And provide financial security for your family)

Unfortunately, despite this FACT…

Lots of personal trainers don’t think it’s possible

“People don’t want to train outdoors”

“Bootcamps only work in the summer”

“People won’t pay that for a bootcamp”

Are the most common excuses

My reply?


You see, back in the day…

I ran a bootcamp on the beach

In South Shields

A place so cold, the ‘White Walkers’ from Game Of Thrones would need thermals

Despite this?

I had 100 members paying me £100 a month

(All year round)


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And if you’re NOT great at numbers?

That’s £10K a month, amigo

Which is pretty f*cking impressive for a young PT who left school with two GCSE’s…

And ZERO prospects

So when I hear excuses like those above?

I have to disagree

Because I’ve been there, done that…

And I’ve STILL got the crown

My advice today?

Don’t let bullsh*t excuses stop you from trying something new

It’s very easy to tell yourself that something won’t work for you…

Or that you’re gonna fail

But most of the time?

They’re just ‘stories’

(And they’re getting in your way)

Paul ‘Story Slayer’ Mort

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