“No-one buys PT in December” they said. ppffft - The Paul Mort Podcast

“No-one buys PT in December” they said. ppffft

December 30, 2015

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Got this email yesterday from MMIC member Dean Mcmenemin in response to my “Why I’m Jackin up the Price of MMIC” Email:

(click here before it goes up in a few hours)

“Worth every penny of an increase my friend.

Another quick testimonial for you Paul..

Couple weeks ago I done weight loss seminar for women

It proved difficult to get the numbers to show up that I hoped for however,

I gave epic content and used seductive selling techniques

–> just like you showed me

Slammed on a little simple scarcity with the offer

–> just like you showed me

Sold out my group programme (yes, 8 days before Christmas

–> just like you told me would happen.”


So yer, mon ami


Even when you think it won’t

But only if you do the work

and Deans testimonials is a great example of what happens when you commit to something
and TRUST that the person you’re learning from gets RESULTS


the biggest take-home of Deans email?

How he GETS that you can turn CONTENT, helpful content…

into MONEY with just a couple of techniques that make people want to by

This is the essence of what i teach in MMIC

“Help people. Get paid”

Thats it.

Price goes up in THREE HOURS

The countdown is on:


Paul ‘short and sweet’ Mort

PS- Here’s a countdown timer…

for your viewing pleasure

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