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“No money today, thank you” (stoopid)

March 28, 2016

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As you read this…

it’s Monday the 28th of March (unless you’re
playing catch up)

As I write this..

its Thursday 24th of April


you’re aren’t in an episode of Quantum Leap
or indeed Doctor Who….

But I wrote this email a few days ago (this is
weird, at the time of writing)

Fuck- I’m confused.

Lets cut to the chase…

Before I go on holiday, or on a course
(I’m on my way to California right now)

I ALWAYS write a bunch of emails to go out
while I’m away

“Whats the point? Why bother?”

I hear you ask

To me, it’s just common sense

But you know, chachi…

MOST PT’s wouldn’t bother

thing is, MOST PT’s are also struggling to build the business they want and make they money they want

^^ theirs your first lesson today

(Do what most people do, get what most people

See, I DONT HAVE TO send emails while I’m off

I could just “leave them for a week”

again- like most people
(same people have no problem uploading 10 photos a day of “todays view from the office <-- tell me you aint seen that) But the thing is: EVERY DAY YOU DON’T send an email is a missed

a missed opportunity to HELP your prospects
a missed opportunity to make them laugh
a missed opportunity to build rapport with them
a missed opportunity to build more trust

but most of all….

most of all

a missed opportunity to MAKE A SALE

See, by CHOOSING NOT to spend just 20 mins writing
an email

you’re saying

“No money today, thank you”

Which is, in all seriousness is 100%




whatever you want to call it…

but in an industry where the bizniz owners
are STRUGGLING to make the money they deserve

and working themselves INTO THE GROUND
in trying to ‘make it’

Common sense seems in short supply…

and those who have it?

Well, they’re kicking ass

I teach EXACTLY how to write emails that allow you to

Build trust and MAKE SALES from small email lists

in my famous course “Email Mastery”

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Paul ‘Mile high club’ Mort

PS- Tiny email list?

No worries- I’ll also give you some super simple hacks to building an email list
(and getting PAID while you do it)

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