​Nightmare neighbour from hell - The Paul Mort Podcast

​Nightmare neighbour from hell

July 28, 2015

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So I have this neighbour…

HUGE pain in the ass

A chav (see PS for an example)

Thinks its cool to blast music all night and
keep everyone up

It’s not bad through the week cuz she has 2

but on a weekend, the kids go to their dads

and the fun starts

shitty, ‘chav-tastic’ rave music

Fucking awful

One time, she has 52 people in the house

I ended up calling the police

before I took a shit in an envelope and
dropped it through her door

(I’ve never done that btw, but I’d love to..

Man, I get really really pissed at this shit,

When its going on it takes up so much mental
energy its insane…

And you know… its a TOTAL waste

See, I figured out a couple of weeks ago
that it’s MY FAULT

That I get angry…

That I get pissed

I CANNOT control what anyone else does

ONLY how I react

^^ pretty big breakthrough for me

Reminds me of a lot of fitness bizniz owners

Blaming the competition Blaming ‘the economy’

Blaming ‘lack of time’

Blaming the WEATHER

Basically, blaming everyone but themselves
for their struggles


When you finally have the COURAGE to step the
fuck up and take RESPONSIBILTY for your
current reality

you’ll realise that ONLY YOU can change it

Only YOU can fill your groups
Only YOU can ram your diary with high paying clients
Only YOU can out-sell your competitors
Only YOU can persuade people to do bizniz with you


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of the above

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Paul ‘angry?’ Mort

PS- Look at what happened to my man Chobie
Davis when he applied my powerful principles:

“I’m currently on a beach in Bali whilst
travelling with my girlfriend and it’s all
thanks to Paul Mort. Thanks to that
genius I made more money in 12 weeks (just
short of 10k) than I had most of the year.  I
also cut my working hours from 55 to 19 hours
a week. Magical doesn’t even cut it”

Dope? ^^

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I’ll prolly go into more depth about Chobie’s
results tomorrow 

PPS- Example of chav:


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