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New Year, New You!

December 30, 2017

And so, it begins

Personal trainer’s all over country are already posting this sh*t up on…




Even f*cking LinkedIn

But let me ask YOU a question:

How inspiring do you PERSONALLY find this?

Sure, everyone hopes for a better year, next year…

(Even if they’ve had an AMAZING year this year)

But when was the last time someone inspired YOU with the phrase ‘New Year, New You’?

I’m willing to bet NEVER


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Which is why it baffles me when I see hundreds, if not THOUSANDS, of personal trainers…

All following the same old tired ‘formulas’, year after year

(And then they wonder why their business looks the same, year after year)

The truth is, amigo…

If you want your business (and finances) to be different next year?

You have to DO something different

Whether that’s charging more money

Offering an entirely different service

Or getting better at marketing and sales

Something HAS to change

So instead of preaching ‘New Year, New You’ to people on social media…

Why not LEAD by example, and DO something different next year?

Paul ‘Leader’ Mort

PS – If you ARE willing to do things differently in 2018…

And create a BETTER future for your wife and kids?

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