Needy Girlfriend Marketing? - The Paul Mort Podcast

Needy Girlfriend Marketing?

January 27, 2015

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Ever had a girlfriend or client that was like
SUPER needy?
Like always wanting your attention and
seeking your approval for shit…
ANNOYING as a “Looky Looky” man in a
restaraunt selling fake watches
But you know, we see this ALL the time in
Approval seeking, fitting in, scared to break
the ‘rules’
and its a CRITICAL error
ESPECIALLY if you’re looking to be seen as an
AUTHORITY in your field…
Not just an ‘expert’ but an authority
trust me, chachi…
if you’re wanting to command LARGE FEES (you
and start ‘rising above’ those
cheapskates around the corner charging 3 quid
a class and a tenner an hour for PT..
You MUST be perceived an authority.
your first step to doing so?
STOP putting your prospects up on a PEDASTAL
See, when you put people up on a pedastal
The ONLY place they can look at you…
is DOWN.
Not where you want to be, cupcake
I mean unless you want to be pissed around
with clients that don’t listen to you and
leave as fast as Le Bron James Gets up the
This is kind of an advanced marketing and
selling strategy..
and the opposite (again) to what the Mush
Cookies Mentors tend to teach
It’s NOT about ‘engagement’ <-- thats
approval seeking
It’s about AUTHORITY
I reveal all in my inner circle
Also the ONLY WAY to work with me
(except my £3k a day 1-1)
Paul ‘Ass-backwards’ Mort
PS- Got asked a GREAT question about
“Blogging” last week and for my opinion
My answer will surprise you…
Stay tuned, hotlips


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