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My Brain, Your Business

May 19, 2017

Back in the day, one of the many things that I become known for…

Were my fitness business ‘events’

They were pretty famous

(Or should that be ‘infamous’?)

And they launched a LOT of successful careers


As much as I enjoyed them?

They used to play HAVOC with my bipolar disorder

(Dizzying highs, followed by crashing lows after the events)

So I had to knock them on the head


Bipolar is NO longer an issue for me these days

And so, this July?  


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I’m hosting my first dedicated ‘business’ event in a VERY long time


“My Brain, Your Business”

The bad news?

You’re NOT invited, mon ami

This is going to be a private event…

EXCLUSIVELY for the members of my ‘Marketing Muscle Inner Circle’:

If you want to learn more about this VERY special one day event?

(Which probably WON’T happen again, any time soon)

The ONLY way to do so…

Is to click the link below:

And join MMIC

Paul ‘Brainiac’ Mort

PS – If you DO want to come?

Don’t delay on this

I can almost guarantee that this event will be SOLD OUT by next week

(If not before)

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