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Your MUMS Fireplace for Marketing Tips

December 11, 2013

Late from me today.
Been stacked getting things ready for MMIC
month 1 going to print.

Anyhoo, wanted to tell you about your mums

Well…my mums, actually

and what it has to do with your biz’niz and

I was at my mums house yesterday and I don’t
know about your’s but her fireplace AND her
doors are FULL of christmas cards.

Like, absolutely jam packed.

Looks kinda cluttered actually..

but theres no way I’d tell her that, dood.

I’d end up grounded or some shit..

So wuts this gotta do with YOUR fitness

Well.. if you’re anything like me…

you’re prolly thinking of sending out some
christmas cards to clients, ex clients and
even prospects.

after all.. “Its never crowded along the
extra” mile eh?

It’s the right thing to do…innit?

Customer care and all that.

Or is it?

Well, chico..pile-of-cards
My mums fireplace told me something.

Anything I send from now on..
Will get LOST.

It’ll DROWN in the MOUNTAINS of other cards
and shit that people get at this time of

Look at all the Xmas brochures and flyers
coming through the door as your evidence.

===What to do, to avoid being drowned out====

Send a HAPPY NEW YEAR card…

in JANUARY… include some Detox tea

As usual..

Look what everyone else is doing..

then do the opposite..

this way… you’ll have the fireplace to
your self dood.

MUCH smarter right?

You can thank me later.
Paul ‘On the naughty list’ Mort

PS- Getting a lot of questions about
Marketing Muscle Inner circle.

You CAN still join.

You WILL still get access to the content in
the members area.
But the newsletter and the CD will be issue

Which will be shipped on the 16th of January.

We have our first LIVE Q and A today too..

so if you join today, you can dive in on that too..

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