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So much better than the ‘dial tones’

February 24, 2014

Got this email from a reader last week:

“I just wanted to tell you your emails are
the most entertaining thing- EVER. Its like
you are listening to the conversation in my
head …only you are actually writing it down
and ….publishing it! I mean WHO has the
balls to write about ping pong balls in
Thailand? I honestly don’t know what to
expect next. Authentic. Entertaining. and
well you’re right. Your stuff is so much
better than all the ‘dial tones’ out there.”

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I’d love to say am suprised.

but, troof is.. I aint.

lets face it too… Most of the ‘goorooz’
are just spouting recycled ‘motivational’

Anyhoo.. since the day I discovered
‘info-tainment’ I’ve easily DOUBLED how much
bacon I have in my sandwich.

My students have too.

Comrade Andy Wardlaw sent me a picture last

He’s been REALLY struggling with email
marketing since he started a few weeks ago.

He went from 2 people (out of 30) to opening
his emails to 20… with just one small

Thats a 900% increase

He STOPPED writing about ‘weight loss,
fitness and nutrition’

and started writing ‘infotainment’

He went from ‘4 weight loss tips’

to (and this is the EXACT subject line he used)

‘Netflix is killing me’

To me, its obvious.

We’re DROWNING in information.

to anyone who isn’t ‘into’ fitness. (thats
most of the UK)

The subject’s you and I love are boring as fuck
to everyone else.

Think ‘Songs of Praise’ on steriods.

most people emails are from Snoozeville.
admit it, chico…

Read your emails back.. they’re boring.

{— Stay with me here — }

This next bit might confuse you, babycakes…
but stay with me and hopefully you’ll get it.

Of course you SHOULD still be giving me advice
you lose the junk in my trunk and get fitter.

That’s your mission.

But you gotta ‘disguise it’

Take ANY subject…

what happened to you at the weekend.

A recent movie you saw.

maybe a funny story about your kids.

or a restaurant you ate at.

something you read in a magazine.


and LINK IT BACK to weight loss.

That way I get a little light entertainment from
said story…

AND you give me some cool info that will
help me shed some excess timber.

THATS how to start winning with emails.


MORE ‘Story Teller’

Think about it, THE BEST comedians don’t really
tell jokes..

They tell STORIES.

Watch the most successful comedian ever to come
out of the UK, Peter Kay and tell me
that shit ain’t true.

Paul ’14 stone in a day’ Mort

PS- Here’s one of my favourite clips of Peter Kay
in action.. I love this dood, HILARIOUS.

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