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“Mr Mort, please verify your income”

December 23, 2015

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So these last few weeks, I’ve been locking down the coaching programs and mentors that I’ll be working with in 2016

and YES… of course that crazy bastard Garrett J White will be one of them
(no matter how insane the investment seems to my family)

anyhoo, I gets this letter and pack yesterday for a another program I joined its called “Strategic Coach”

Looks bad-ass, a beatifully presented box.. packed full of books and other goodies

and then theres this letter

at the top it reads:

“Mr Mort, please verify your income”

and its instructing me to have my accountant write a letter confirming that I do, in fact
earn what I say I do…

I mean SHIT, right?

After the initial shock

I was BLOWN AWAY by how cool this is…

I went from offended–>impressed in under 5 minutes

(Like my dad when he watched me on the stage last week)

see, I’ve been in A LOT of masterminds and programs

and there are A SHIT LOAD of choices for YOU TOO

But the problem I’ve had with SOME (not all) of them

some of them are just rammed with POSERS

in fact some of them are RAN BY POSERS and bullshitters

you know the type right?

seem like a bad-ass on flakebook

but then you meet them or speak with them and you’re like “Oh…….”

“6 and 7 figure” << pfft earners sharing rooms and shit? Anyhoo… this letter… is a SURE FIRE WAY to seperate the players from the posers and I TOTALLY LOVE IT see, you CANNOT lie to get into this program kinda like me and MMIC I CANNOT LIE about the things I teach… Why? well… 1- I would NEVER, EVER, EVER ask you to do something that I DONT, HAVEN’T OR WOULDN’T (unlike pretty much all mush cookies) 2- You can judge me by what I DO, by what I ACTUALLY DO in my business rather than WHAT I SAY… and on that note… I’m increasing the price in MMIC on the 30th of DECEMBER

For a few reasons, which I’ll explain next week

but mainly- cuz its fucking awesom

Don’t believe me?

Come and have a look:


Paul ‘offended–>impressed’ Mort

PS- 7 days… one week

and the price goes up


Jump in now… and you’ll stay at the rate you sign up for..

also.. FOREVER

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