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Mr Fuss-Pott and his Plastic Bag

August 29, 2016

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On my travels to the US a few weeks back..

I was heading to the security checkpoint at my local airport, Newcastle

Minding my own business I overhead a dude having a real good grumble to his lady

“One pound for a plastic bag?.. scandalous”

See, Mr Fusspot had his knickers all in a twist about having to put his ‘cosmetics’ in a clear plastic bag<— as per the security rules, you know?

In fact, the dude REFUSED to pay that measly £1 for his bag

Meanwhile, Uncle Morty was laughing his ass off at how much of a fuss this guy was making

But the best part? (well, not for Mr Fussy Pants)

When he got to security…

he got ALL of his cosmetics and shit CONFISCATED

For the sake of A POUND.. 1, english pound

I’d estimate he had AT LEAST 20 quids worth of stuff with him

De-oderant, Aftershave etc

The lesson for you, mon ami.. is a VERY simple one

But crucial, none the less

If you’re a cheap bastard and don’t invest in your bizniz

Don’t be suprised when it comes back to bite you on the ass and ends up COSTING you money

That’s why close to 300 ambitious, investment minded PT’s are currently rocking my inner circle

They realise that a small investment every month in ME and MY KNOWLEDGE of making money in Fitness and beyond

is worth WAAAAY more than trying to figure it out themselves

It just makes sense…

Ready? go here—->

Paul ‘Plastic bag’ Mort

PS- Email about the Suicide Squad movie…

COming your way tomorrow, its a doooozy

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