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A MORON with a fcked phone

September 30, 2016

Man, I’m such a moron

Just minutes after sending you this mornings email with my number to text me about “Un-caged”

I cottoned onto the fact that my iphone is fcked…

I’ve been using it with a cracked screen for the last 6 weeks

(i know, I should have got it repaired)

and it finally gave out this week

Anyhoo, it’s in for repair NOW

So if you’ve texted me…


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I’ll get back to you as soon as i get that phone back

If you aint….

Well… cool

here’s more info on the 3 day life altering experience known simply as



and my number, if you think you’re ready:

07740338786 (remember, I won’t get back to you till later)

Paul ‘phone buster’ Mort

PS- Movie.. this time next week

here’s a trailer:


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