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Money advice from a monk?

July 23, 2015

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Theres something I’ve noticed amongst pretty much ALL
of the top producers in the world

at least most of the popular ones like Tim Ferris, Seth Godin 

They ALL use ‘meditation’ as a form of creating space 
for themselves

Don’t get it twisted hombre…

I ain’t about to get all ‘hippy’ on your lil bootay

But    for a lunatic like me…

Meditation seemed like it would be great

but, I just COULD’T do it

I mean, quiet MY MIND?


No chance. 

Till i found out about a technique called ‘Ascension’ 
from some Monks in the Himalayas

I’ve been reading about it in a book called

“First Thunder”

By the dude that brough the technique to the western world


In the book was one of THE BEST thing’s I’ve EVER read

(and believe it or not, I read a lot)

It’s so bloody simple too, brizznit


“If you want a different fruit, plant a different tree”

BAD-ASS right?

Here’s a more ‘Mort’ way to put it

“If you want different results, DO something different”

ain’t that the truth?

For your clients….

(Feel free to use that quote, BTW–> 
I couldn’t even find a ‘fitspo’ on this)

and of course

for YOU

If your business isn’t doing as well as you’d hoped

OR its taking up ALL of your time

so you have none left for the family


Plant a different tree..

Speaking of which….

Imagine if there was a PROVEN path to profits

where instead of spending HOURS AND HOURS

Hustling on flakebook and twatter

you could take just 20 MINUTES 

(* I only take 17 mins on average)

and get enquiries and PAYMENTS 

on an ‘almost’ daily basis?


Paul ‘fruity’ Mort

PS- Don’t forget to check out the guarantee

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