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Mocking the mockers for fun and profit

November 28, 2017

Being the big mouthed, arrogant asshole I am…

.. I get a fair bit of ‘stick’

Like people talking sh*t about me

Trying to mock the way I talk

The words I use

the things I do

and so on and so forth

Just this week, I was alerted so some dude chatting a bunch of sh*t about me

over on the olde Flakebook

Ever noticed that, chico?

Social media is a like a CONVENTION for these chumps

It’s almost like they just want an audience

Tempting as f*ck to respond too, right?

But sh*t…

Something I learned a LONG time ago from this crap

you can NEVER EVER ‘win’ at that stuff

well, least not on social media

I mean, you’re not exactly going to get them to ‘like you’ by biting back, right?

and you’re certainly not going to convince them that you’re ‘right’ and they’re wrong, either…

So you literally CAN NOT win

But you CAN profit from these c*ckwombles


Oh, well saying as you asked

Its simple.

You WRITE AN EMAIL about them

See, my feathered friend…

(lemme number these rascals)

1- They can’t ‘respond’ to an email

2-you get your point across without having to ‘debate’ (ain’t no-one got time for that sh*t)

3- show that you’re human and get criticised like anyone else

4- You REPEL people that think like those ‘mockers’

5- thus, creating a stronger relationship with those that agree with you

and finally, lets be honest here , brosephine

mocking the mockers is A LOT of fun

So there you go…


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Paul ‘keep talking, weasels’ Mort

PS- Honestly, dude…

Some of your BEST emails and marketing content will come as a DIRECT result of being criticised by someone or in this case

some ‘thing’ (NEVER more succesfful than you, BTW)

So don’t get all butt-hurt by it

or even angry

Just write an email..

Easy pickinz

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