Mocking haters for funz and profitz (new podcast)

April 26, 2015

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Complicated beings. Or are they?

Ever wondered why people do what they do

Why people are such assholes?

Then you’ll diiiiig this weeks podcast, chico…

Here’s what I rap about :

* Lessons in ‘fuck you’ from the worlds
highest paid radio show host

* How to deal with feedback without looking

* The HARSH truth about people who offer
‘constructive feedback’

* What being ‘offended’ really means (and how
to NEVER be offended)

* Turning haters comments into MONEY.. FAST
(I do this all fo the time)

* Why ‘ignore it’ is TOTAL bullshit how to
deal with people talking shit about you IN

* Family and friends.. and what their
comments and remarks REALLY mean (this is
hard to take)

* How I attracted a bunch of assholes and
wimps into my bizniz.. and how you can AVOID
doing so

* Why ‘debating’ on Flakebook is a TOTAL
waste of your time and is costing you money
(just ask the  broke PT’s who do it)

* My “Keep your gift” strategy for DESTROYING
anyone that talks shit about you

* Why I WOULD criticise ME.. if I was broke
and boring (you’ve never heard this one

* (9 mins 30 secs) Why people comment,
criticize and give you feedback.. especially
when you haven’t asked them to

* Why you should FEEL SORRY for people that
attack you

* The ‘could they be right?’ blueprint that
turned a nasty, stinging email into SALES

* Human ‘pysch’ secrets that you must
understand that will HALF your stress and
frustration (IE: How to NEVER get pissed off)

* Why its IMPOSSIBLE to ignore criticism
REGARDLESS of what the Mush-Cookies say

* Why people BRAG.. and why it pisses you off

* The bizzarre way I responded to a guy who
told me to kill myself

* Why you SHOULDN’T listen to your clients.. 
regardless of how much they pay you 

* Arguing on social media… REALLY?!?! 

on a bunch of other shit that no-one ever talks about


Paul ‘Weirdo’ Mort

PS- No your itunes isnt on double speeed…

I was just fired up for this one…

so I talk DOUBLE TIME hahah

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