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MMIC Free Trial

October 26, 2017

Don’t let that chicken skin handbag tingle too much, chachi

That free trial aint happening…

But I am gonna address why

See, I got a question yesterday from Helen yesterday

She was frustrated at all the bullsh*t from the Mush Cookie Goorooz that seem to have inflitrated the fitness industry with ZERO track record of success…

And I don’t blame her to be honest…

But anythoo, H was asking if I’d do a free trial to my ‘signature program’, MMIC

I think you can kinda guess my answer

2 letters…

starts with an “N”

Lemme ‘splaineth

I send 7 emails a week

Every Week

PACKED with useable (and profitable) content and valuable ‘info-tainment’




Heck, some of these goorooz don’t even send ONE a week

(kinda shows the depth of their knowledge, right?)


Enter your details below to get instant access
to this premium content:

I put together a podcast EVERY day, OOZING with powerful lessons and teachings…

If THATS not enough of a ‘free trial’ for you…

then man…

You’re looking in the wrong place for someone to save you and your bizniz

Heck, I get messages all the time from people saying they used my FREE content and made money as a result…

Which ‘segways’ (great word) into the next piece of this nicely..

The REAL reason I don’t have a free trial…

It’s because it attracts the WRONG people for ME

See, people that aren’t prepared to take a small risk…



and if they DONT TAKE ACTION…

They don’t get RESULTS

If they’re joining MMIC BECAUSE of the free trial

They don’t place any VALUE on it

Which means NOTHING will get done

They’re merely seeking OPPORTUNITY

rather than INVESTMENT

and INVESTMENT minded people?

Well, they’re the PERFECT fit to apply the powerful principles in my inner circle

Which means.. simply put


Ready to step up?

Paul ‘Risque’ Mort

PS- Disagree with anything I just said?

That’s cool, bro

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