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Miserable B*stards

January 3, 2018

There were a LOT of miserable looking people around yesterday


Bleary eyed

P*ssed off

The reason?

Well, it was the first ‘proper’ working day of the year

And it’s safe to say that for MOST people?

The ‘holiday season’ is well and truly over

It’s strange isn’t it?

The average person works a job they hate

To buy sh*t they don’t need

To impress people that they don’t even like

They then spend the entire Christmas period ‘sedating’ with booze, junk food and TV…

Whilst telling themselves that next year will be different

Then, three days into the ‘new year’?

It’s back to ‘reality’

And back to doing the EXACT same thing they did the previous year

Sure, some people WILL change this year

But statistically?

That number is VERY low

Most people, unfortunately, will end the year EXACTLY how they started


Bleary eyed

And p*ssed off

Which is why YOU and I are very fortunate

See, we’re NOT average people

We take responsbility for our BODIES, and for our HEALTH

Which is something that the ‘average’ person DOESN’T do

(Or at least, doesn’t do very well)

And in addition to that?


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We take responsibility for our INCOME

Which is something that most people would LOVE to do

But haven’t got the BALLS to do it


They’d rather project their own insecurities onto you

And tell you about the risks of ‘working for yourself’

(Whilst ‘jokingly’ asking when you’re going to get a ‘proper job’)

But when you look at the lives that these people are living…

Is that really something that you aspire to?

F*ck no!

You would’t be reading my emails if it was

Which is why it’s important to stay focused on what you DO aspire to

More money

More clients

More time off

And more FUN

The good news is…

I’m gonna show you how you can have it ALL

And all YOU have to do?

Is keeping reading these emails

Each and every day


Paul ‘Anything But Average’ Mort

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