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You Might Not Want To Read This

September 21, 2016

WARNING: This email contains a hard-hitting, self-indulgent RANT.

If you’re easily offended by REAL talk?

Look away NOW.

“It’s OK for you to do that, what about those that can’t afford it?”

^^^ That, my friend, was part of an email, that I got earlier this week…

After writing about the CONSIDERABLE amount of money that I’ve INVESTED in my personal development, over the years.

And you know what?


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Not so long ago, an email like this would have ‘triggered’ the shit out of me.

See, believe it or not…

I wasn’t born with some fucking silver spoon in my mouth.

And I wasn’t born into money.

Or a family business.

FAR from it, in fact.

My Dad works nights in a factory…

And has done for the past 26 years.

My Mum works in Asda…

Stacking shelves.

I grew up in a pretty shitty town.

I left school with two GCSE’S, and couldn’t even fucking get into college.

My first job was through a ‘Youth Training Scheme’, where I only got paid £30 a WEEK.

And in case you DIDN’T know…

I also have Bipolar Disorder.

I’ve worked my ASS off in this industry for FIFTEEN years straight.

I’ve made sacrifices that most people wouldn’t dream of.

I’ve been criticised.

Laughed at.


I’ve had people COPY my stuff.

I’ve had people try to STEAL my clients.

And not so long ago, I even received DEATH threats.

So when people say…

“It’s OK for you.”


But if that’s something that YOU think when you look at what I’ve created?

(From scratch, without being given a leg up by ‘Mummy and Daddy’.)

Then honestly, dude…

You’d be a terrible fit for ‘Uncaged’.


If you can RESONATE with my story?

And you’re prepared to run with me, and a SMALL group of hungry, ambitious men who want a BETTER life for themselves…

And their wife and kids?

You might be a good fit.

But there’s only ONE way to find out:

Paul ‘No Excuses’ Mort

PS – I’ll be back tomorrow with something a little bit more ‘lighthearted’.

In fact…

I might even tell you about the presentation that I did, yesterday.

At Leisure Industry Week.

Stay tuned, amigo.

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