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Me and Anthony Crolla

September 27, 2016

So this weekend I was privileged to hang out with boxing World Champion

Anthony “Million Dollar” Crolla.. just HOURS before his headline fight in front of 20,000 people in Manchester Arena…

Crolla lost a brilliant 12 round battle against Jorge Linares but man, what a night

I’d met him a few months ago when my buddy Ric Moylan set up a training session with him
and Scott Quigg

Such a great, down to earth fella

You know whats amazing though?


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In December 2014 he sufferd a broken ankle and a fractured skill when he disturbed burlgers in his neighbours house and they smashed a paving slab over his head


So yer… dudes a warrior of the highest order.. and I’m honoured to know him

But what struck me the most.. was that just hours before he was about to go to war with an amazing boxer in front of 20,000 people in his home town

he was amazingly CALM

Relaxed, chatting, shooting the shit but with a real fire in his belly

I even asked if he was nervous

his answer?

“Yep of course, but I’ve done the work and now I just want to fight”

THAT my friend is the way it is

when push comes to shove….

you’ve either DONE the work or you HAVEN’T

wether thats in your business, your bank account or even your relationships

How you react under pressure or stress will often tell you everything you need to know about the work you have or haven’t done

Read again^^^

its one of the BIGGEST reasons I put together “UB:Un-Caged”

because being a modern day business man is fucking HARD

and if you can’t keep your shit together when the going gets tough

then you’ll ALWAYS struggle to produce the results you desire

Ready to step up?

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Paul ‘connected’ Mort

PS- I think I’m going to fight again in November…

I’ll tell you why tomorrow

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