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When marketing DOESN’T matter?

September 22, 2016

So Tuesday this week I was on the stage again to speak at L.I.W

Some big names there…

My buddies Phil Learney, Sol Orwell, Mark Fisher, Chris Burgess, Ben Coomber, Luke Johnson,
Jamie Alderton

I could go on, but you’re hella bored by now


The guys from Bodypower (who also own LIW) asked me if I could speak on something that
WASN’T marketing

I know right?


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as thee are probably aware I’m a GIANT fan on marketing and selling

after all, marketing is the bridge between the ‘people’ and your ‘product’

you want more people—> you get better at marketing…

its a simple equation

But sometimes, in fact A LOT of the time… Marketing DOESN’T matter

See… you can have all the knowledge in the world…

but if you do nothing with it.. its IRRELEVENT

and I get it, I understand 100%

You procrastinate, you put it off, you make excuses, you do anything BUT the thing that’ll make you more money

that’s when MINDSET and your THOUGHTS about what ‘might’ happen

become more powerful than your DESIRE to get what you want

and you know dude…

Thats one of the reasons I create “Unstoppable Bastards: Un-Caged”

To show you how to develop an Unstoppable, Bulletproof mindset

one that’ll set you free of fear, doubt and procrastination

so that you can FINALLY start seeing success in ALL areas of your life

From your bank account down to building a high level relationship with your woman

Check this out:


Paul ‘Stage fright?’ Mort

PS- I have my very own MOVIE coming out in the next week or so… like full on DRAMA, with music and everything

and i gotta say, its a MASTERPIECE

I think you’ll LOVE IT

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