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Is Mark Zuckerberg Stealing Your Money?

June 26, 2017

Let me ask you a question, mon ami:

How much time do you waste, p*ssing around on Facebook, each day?

Ten minutes?

Thirty minutes?

Sixty minutes?

Whatever it is, write it down

Next, I want you to write down your hourly rate

(Assuming that you have one)

Once you’ve done that?

I want you to multiply that first number by the second number

Because that NEW number, mon ami…

Is what it’s ‘costing’ you to use Facebook, each day

(Pretty shocking, right?)

The only difference is, you don’t notice it because it’s not coming out of your bank account

My advice?

Put your time to better use

And start today

Paul ‘Time Is Money’ Mort

PS – If you’re not happy with your hourly rate…

And you’d like to drastically increase that figure?

(So that you can spend more time with your young family)

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