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How To Make £16K Per Month

August 1, 2017

As a fitness business owner…

You should WANT to make money

(And you shouldn’t feel any ‘shame’ or ‘guilt’ for admitting that)

Unfortunately, despite their best intentions…

Most personal trainers struggle with this

As a result?


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The average personal trainer makes LESS than the average McDonald’s employee

(Which is RIDICULOUS, when you consider how much time, energy and money it takes to become a PT)

Fortunately, there IS a solution to this problem…

And it lies on the other side of this link:

It’s NOT for everyone, though

Not even close

(Which is why you have to apply)

But, if your application is successful?

I’ll personally show you how to create a business that consistently brings in nearly £16K a month

(Which is more than the average personal trainer makes in an entire YEAR)

So, with that in mind…

What are you waiting for?

Paul ‘Moneymaker’ Mort

PS – If you DON’T like the fact that I openly talk about ‘money’?

That’s cool, amigo

But ‘money’ is exactly what you need…

If you want to put food on the table for your family

If you’d rather ignore this FACT…

And bury your head in the sand, instead?

You’d be a terrible fit for MMIC

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