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Low class, Jack-ass FB Fitness Marketers

February 12, 2018

Opened up the old Flakebook to this private message last week:

“Hi Paul, How is your fitness business going right now?”

A message from some random dude that had just ‘friend requested’ me the day before

I mean- What the hell, right?

Talk about a douche-nozzle

(Dude got the instant ‘block’)

Ever noticed that these dudes don’t even EXIST outside of Flakebook?


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Apparently though, this is a ‘thing’ in the fitness bizniz arena now

‘Coaches’ adding people to their Flakebook groups without permission

‘Coaches’ Private messaging people offering their services straight off the bat

Funnily enough most of these jack-asses have never ran anything like a successful bizniz

in fact, a lot of them are FAILED PT’s…<– mental, eh?

I’m not here to mock those losers though…

But there is a VALUABLE lesson in what they do

It’s reeks of desperation.. its low-class

Like that mate you had when you were younger and used to ‘go out on the pull’

or whatever it is you called attempting to get laid

The one who quite literally walked up to ANY girl and ask for a blowjob

Sure- he’d eventually find one drunk enough to do it

but not after he’d been slapped across the face 100 times

AND the chick who did say yes… she had a face like a welders knee

and its the same with clients

(write this down)

Desperate marketing attracts desperate people

Ones that p*ss and moan when they don’t get results- when they dont do the work… (funny that)

ones that whine about how much the program costs and always p*ss you around with payment

ones that jump from program to program

If you come along to my webinar next month:


I’ll show you to the do the exact opposite…

And position yourself the the ‘catch’

it REPELS desperate, cheapskate chavs

and ATTRACTS high class clients…

ones that you LOVE working with

and MY personal favourite part

You don’t have to do desperate sh*t ‘manually’

sitting on Flakebook every night while your Mrs eats alone

Find out more here:


Paul ‘f*ck those guys’ Mort

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