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Looking for PT.. found obituary

February 19, 2014

Last week in a guest article I wrote I made
one of my ‘Blunt Statements’

Not like me eh, cupcake?

Went like this:

“If I cant find you on Google, Ill take my
money elsewhere”

So reader, Jane Sharkey messaged me with:

“I Googled myself – I found an obituary !!!”

Obvsiously thats creepy and fucking hilarious
at the same time.

But lemme tell you why this is important,

The statement I made basically means this…

“Have money, need personal trainer, heard
about you, google you to find out more, can’t
find you, think ‘what the fuck’, give money
to other, less able personal trainer who
does have a website”

What I’m saying is you’re missing out on free

Yup, you’re having less bacon in your
bap cuz you haven’t bothered with a site.

You can run a biz’niz without a website of
course- I’ve made a lot of money in the past
without one.

But want kind of ‘serious’ biz’niz doesn’t
have a website these days?

and ya do wanna be taken seriously don’t

{– “Journalist looking for expert”–}

Journalist is looking for an expert to write
a column or give quote.

Where you think they’re gonna look, hombre?

Think they’re gonna go on flakebook to see who’s
posted the most motivational quotes?


They’re gonna look on google.

And ya know, chico..

~~It ain’t even hard.~~

It isn’t about learning ninja tricks for SEO
or any of that technical wizardry.

It’s simply about having a blog.

With some content on it.

Google loves a blog with regular content on it.

May as well drop in another ‘Mortism’ right about now.

“You cannot expect to be considered an expert
if you don’t produce content?”

So am gonna leave you with this dood.

Spend a couple of days AWAY from facebook.

It doesnt kill you (I did a 5 month stint recently)

Get a blog set up.

A free one if needs be.

Get some content on.

Then check out this BRILLIANT product from
my droogie Dax Moy

who’ll teach you not only how to put out EPIC content
that people love..

But also how to dominate google with it.

here’s the link:


Paul ‘kicked in the googles’  Mort

PS- This is serious shit.. facebook and the ads are
great and all

but GOOGLE is where people are READY to give you money.

No interruption, no shouting… they’re LOOKING FOR YOU.

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