The Long Good Friday

April 14, 2017

Today, marks the start of the Easter bank holiday weekend

Most people will be spending time with their families, and some…

(Including myself)

Will be using this ‘long weekend’ as the start of a family holiday

What about YOU, amigo?

Are you taking some time out, for yourself?

Spending some quality time with the wife and kids?



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Are you working ANOTHER long ar*e day?

Spending time with people that you don’t really like?

In a situation that you feel you have NO control over?

If so…

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So, if you’re p*ssed off at having to WORK today?


Use that as motivation

And do something about it:

Paul ‘All Good’ Mort

PS – If you’re happy sacrificing time with your wife and kids…

(That you’ll NEVER get back)

And working when your friends and family AREN’T?

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