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July 28, 2016

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This ain’t one of those ‘drama queen’ posts, chico
So don’t worry

But all being well (I’ve had gastroenteritis since the weekend)

I’ll be taking part in my first ever boxing match

I’ve been training my ass for for 5 months…

and I’m fitter than I’ve been since 2010

and the lightest too (dropped 3st in the process)

Gotta admit too, I’ve fallen in love with the sport and science of boxing

and there’s one thing I know though, my dude

“The loneliest place in the world in when you get into the boxing ring”

^^^ the famous old boxer Jack Dempsey said that

and its so true..

Just you and another dude, he’s trying to take your head off

its hard, hard work.. SO much to think about

NOWHERE to hide, NO-ONE to bail you out, NO-ONE to BLAME


but I kinda LOVE that about

Know what makes it 10000x easier though?


Giving you tips, pointers, seeing what the other guy is doing

passing on his experience

Bizniz too- it can be VERY LONELY

Your friends don’t get it, your family always has ‘advice’ for you

despite them all having jobs

but just like boxing- have a cornerman helps IMMENSELY

Who’s in your corner?

MMIC Sales Page (July 2016)

Paul ‘cornerman’ Mort

PS- Yup, I’ve been ILL since last Friday

puking and shitting

and TBH I’m nowhere near 100%

But I’ll still step in

Why? Because I’m one of those assholes that does what he says he would

what about you?

Imagine how CRAZY your life would be if you just did what you said you wold?

^^ read that again

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