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Lessons from the worlds most boring sport

March 21, 2016

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I’m a hyuuuge fan of sports…

Particularly Football (soccer, for my buddies across the pond)

But there are some sports that bore me to death

Cricket, for example.. zzzzz

But man, Formula One racing has got to be one of the most boring ones

Was reminded of it yesterday when the new F1 season started…

Apparently the same 2-3 drivers win pretty
much every race (I still see it in the sports
pages of the paper, funnily enough the only pages I bother reading)

What’s kinda funny though is the whining
thats going on in that sport right now

Case you’re not in the know, the Mercedes drivers are dominating the whole Formula 1
scene right now

Like I said, winning almost EVERY SINGLE race

They won 16 out of the 19 races last year

and took both 1st and 2nd place yesterday too

Not necessarily ‘cuz the drivers are the best, more the car that is

^^ Wow, you’d think I actually liked the sport, eh?


the thing I’m really wanting to touch on is how all the other teams and drivers just piss and moan about how Mercedes are spoiling the sport for everyone else because they’re so far ahead

Despite the rules being THE SAME FOR EVERYONE

and everyone having access to the same TOOLS as each other

Reminds me A LOT of the fitness industry

Trainers that don’t understand….

or even attempt to understand marketing and selling

talking shit and whining about trainers that DO

One guy even said last week that what I teach is ‘unethical’

Retarded, right.. chachi?

I mean, if learning how to HELP MORE PEOPLE

is unethical…—->>

What is sitting on your arse letting those
people be persuaded by bullshit like Juice Plus and herbalife reps?

**^^ READ AGAIN^^**

Here’s the deal… and this is what I think every time I catch a glimpse of that nonsense in Formula one

“Stop wishing it was easier, wish YOU were BETTER”

I mean, what a fucking thought, babycakes

and one you can use with your own clients

See, the only way it DOES get easier IS if you, YOU chico


Wanna make more sales and help more people?

don’t wish it was easier

wish you were better at marketing and selling

Start here, with my famous email copywriting course


Paul ‘vrrrrooooooom’ Mort

PS- Been having a bit of a nightmare with last nights UBTV Episode…

Keep an eye out over here (<--click) in the next hour or so..and HOPEFULLY it'll be fixed

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